The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac

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H@m-M@n 21 NOV 2012 a las 17:02
Luckiest thing in Your Game?
On my first TBOI run, I got Eve, Maggy, Cain and Judas unlocked, as well as beat Sheol. First three obvious how, but you may think " How do you get Judas on first run?".... Well on the Depths 2, I got Telepills to the I AM ERROR ROOM, went down to the Womb and beat Moms Heart without damage ( i had Brimstone...), and went to Sheol and beat Satan. This was EXTREMELY lucky. I want to hear your most lucky run, not OP runs.... everyone has their fair share of those. So let me know! I'm all ears!
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Vittles 21 NOV 2012 a las 21:03 
Nice! One round, I got All 3 99 items. In Basment II, I got the Skeleton Key first, which was immensley useful. Later on I found "Pyro" In a Secret Room, which was the first time I hads gotten it. Then In the Depths 2 right before I fought Mom, I spent all my money on the slots and eventually it broke and I got a Dollar :)
meech 22 NOV 2012 a las 22:23 
i was playing as judas, got moms pill box after killing the first boss, and then got 8 full health pills in a row, got a devil room, got brimstone and killed moms heart. sheol didnt pop up for me =/
H@m-M@n 23 NOV 2012 a las 7:57 
Another lucky run I had is I was going for PLATINUM GOD!, so I was looking for the last 10 or so items I needed to find ( Pyro was one of them, so it reminded me ). In the first run to attempt finding new items, I had found 8 out of 10 items I needed. It wasn't super OP, since some of the items were Blood Rights and Guppy's Hairball, though Pyro was useful. Within the next 5 runs, I had found EVERY item in the game. I would be PLATINUM GOD! right now, but stupid Chest secrets aren't unlocking, although I've beaten it multiple times with every character, but I know I deserve it. P.S.: I like typing a lot!
alexwashere 23 NOV 2012 a las 12:56 
i was playing as ??? (blue baby) and in basement 1 i found quad shot. Later on i found sacred heart.and from a begger i got technology one and my shots turned into giant puple lasers.
true story
m3m3nt0 25 NOV 2012 a las 11:17 
I just unlocked Maggy's Faith 5 minutes ago in what was probably my best run yet.

I got 'Fetus in a Jar' in the first item room and a 'Book of Revelations' in the 1st shop. In the 2nd item room I got homing bombs & Mr. Mega in the 3rd one.

I also got insanely many health ups & spirit hearts. By the time I got to mom my red hearts were off the screen and I had at least another 12 spirit hearts.

Both Isaac & ??? died in about 10 seconds.
H@m-M@n 25 NOV 2012 a las 12:03 
Niiiice... But you can only have 12 red hearts, any more that are off the screen don't count, sucks it works like that, and sounds like a nice fun run. But again, not looking strictly for OP runs, but lucky, uncommon runs, like getting Dr. Fetus and most of the bomb enhancements!
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