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Plan Z May 3, 2013 @ 7:29am
Advanced Tips, Tricks & Strategies
I've seen lots of great tactics & advice scattered in other threads but thought it would be good to have one place to share the collected wisdom of you pros. So share your best tips & tactics!

For example, did you know you can open alarm doors by pushing a dead guard through?
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AndyN.  [developer] May 3, 2013 @ 10:57am 
There is a guide section in the community hub for Steam that is seeing some contributions. It would be nice to have a guide there!
Uint May 3, 2013 @ 12:11pm 
For speedruns you can use the smoke bombs to escape the guards (they'll stop agro even if they're right next to you) or the bandages to heal you and become basically invincible in earlier levels. During the first campaign it almost doesn't matter if you get caught as long as you have enough coins to use the items.
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PyreLight May 3, 2013 @ 1:15pm 
I'd like to bring up this handy tidbit that might be forgotten. If you have the wrench, and use it on electronic locks (car alarms too) it won't set off an alert.
GewaltSam May 4, 2013 @ 5:35am 
Some random hints and strategies off the top of my mind:

- Bandages instantly resurrect fallen team members.

- If you stand on a ladder / window / stairs, your teammates are able to go up there instantly. Very useful to help someone escape through a vent.

- Learn all of the abilities of the different characters, and I mean the secret ones too!

- In my opinion, one of the most useful items for the gentleman are the smokebombs. you gain back your disguise if you just stand in one and wait, no matter how many guards are around.

- If you sneak while someone sees you, your disguises wear off much slower. The gentleman can pass through someone easily with this tactic and still have enough disguise left for the next one. He can even hack a computer someone is working at :)

- Sneaking also helps you get detected much slower if someone's already looking for you (a '?' above his head). Try it, even if they go investigate and are very close, you can sneak away easily most of the time. You should only run when you are being discovered (shouting / shooting involved) or you are not seen by anyone. Or, of course, if you are on a speed run :)

- If you get discovered, don't panic and don't run around like a crazy man. Guards just chase you if they know where you are, and often times it is simply enough to dodge around a corner or hide in a toilet. Watch the '!' above your head closely: if you lose it, you also lost your tail. They will investigate your last position though, so be aware (and your teammates should be, too).

- If you die in MP, don't die in the middle of a high security room. Try to die near a bush, a vent or in a quiet corner of the room so your mates could get you. You can clean some very difficult rooms with that tactic too, although it's not very elegant: try to clear every coin while getting all the attention, run to where your mates are hiding and die there. They can resurrect you, and you can continue your heist. You should tell them that you plan something like that though...

- Bushes and vents are your best friend when you get chased by dogs. I may be wrong, but they will get your scent as soon as they pass a path that you walked along. you could use that to your advantage if you try to not pass their patrol routes (or you could lure them away that way). I just discovered this recently though, so I am not totally sure if it's true.

- Sometimes you need to activate some form of alarm because you have nothing to disable it. Find out what it does exactly; some alarms trigger doors, some trigger autoturrets, some sound the alarm and call guards to your position. So it is not that always that bad to trigger an alarm, you just need to handle what happens. A gentleman for example that is simply trapped into a room with a double lock and no guards or alarms isn't really in very big trouble (yeah, i play the gentleman a lot :D )

- Watch closely at blind spots in the vision of cameras and such, like behind a pillar. A nice way to find them easily in difficult rooms with lots of activity is: if you can't see a camera because it isn't in your field of vision, it can't see you!

- If civilians see you and run to get a guard, they will call them to the last position they saw you. If you follow them a bit, they won't get the guard into the room they saw you first. Even if you hide in a bush while they are still seeing you, they won't tell the guards. So simply hide, you aren't in much trouble.

- Most important rule if something goes wrong: Don't panic, and most times, you will get out of it alive.

Maybe some of my hints are useful to you :) If someone wants to get some of them into a guide, go ahead. Happy heisting!
thejokeriswild May 4, 2013 @ 1:42pm 
There's also this destructoid article with some general tips as well as character-specific ones:

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