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Various bugs with chat system
1. Whenever I close the Steam overlay (not open), the chat box pops up. Steam Overlay is bound to CTRL+SHIFT+TAB.
* Minor note: SHIFT being "back" in the menu forces me to use RSHIFT to bring up the overlay, otherwise I go back a screen. Not very nice. :(

2. Despite rebinding Chat to Y, lobby still says T: CHAT

3. There are various bugs associated with having Y bound to chat:
* Y must be pressed twice to bring up the chat window at any time (in game, at level selection, at character selection, in lobby). If I'm in the lobby after character select, I notice that the first press of "Y" causes the [Y] icon next to leaderboards to turn from a white Y to a black Y, but nothing else happens. Upon the second press, it brings up both leaderboards and chat and turns the [Y] icon white. This does not happen if chat is bound to T.
* If I pull up the keybindings menu and press Y one time (so the chat does not pop up), when I select any keybindings it automatically assigns that action's key to be "Y" and closes the menu immediately. This does not happen if I have text chat bound to T, regardless of if I tap "Y" or "T".
** Sometimes it gets in a state where this only happens after the Y-press that brings up chat instead of the one that does nothing. Dunno why.
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AndyN.  [開発者] 2013年4月26日 20時43分 
These are all very good points. It is one of our tasks right now to fix the way custom keybinds work. It's not very elegant right now, and it's possible to get situations like the one you are describing.

I hope we can address these issues soon.
Serity 2013年4月28日 17時04分 
Another effect of this bug I found is when in a lobby and use arrow keys to go down the scoreboard, if I hit Y on one of them it hits me with the "repeatedly press Y over and over" keybindings bug above, so it pulls up their steam profile, I close it, it brings up another one, etc, so I have to force-close the game :(
another issue with the chat system is that is uses the english keyboard loadout (querty). and you can´t change it (shift+alt). i would like to see that the game uses my current setting (quertz/azerty)
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