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Graphics problem - ghostly black lines around texture edges

I am trying to get the game to look nicer and stretch my Graphics card's legs a bit, and I've run into a problem I can't solve. It looks like an anti aliasing problem. The problem is ghostly black lines that appear on the border between textures/objects.

Here's an image. It's really noticeable on clothes, like on Lent's trousers and top, and Ryza's shorts, but it isn't exclusive to those examples.

I'm running the game with everything maxed on the in game launcher settings, at 1440p.

My nvidia control panel settings don't seem to affect the game at all, regardless of what I set them to (anyone else found this?), I'm on driver version 445.75

It looks like a sloppy anti aliasing implementation, although I'm no expert. Is there any way round this? Anybody had any luck using nvidia control panel overrides?

I don't believe its a hardware problem but:
i7 9600k
GTX 2080 super
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B Jul 22, 2020 @ 12:04pm 
yeah I see it, could be due to the inverted normals (which are the outline of the characters) that are sloppy/ choppy.

or maybe not, have you tried turning off anti-aliasing and tried upscaling to 4k?
[CUM] Papa_poopie Jul 22, 2020 @ 2:35pm 
Yeah I have tried that upscaling to 4k in the ini file with no AA doesnt help. Unless you're talking about a different way of upscaling?
百合 姫 Jul 24, 2020 @ 2:23am 
The black lines are drawn as an additional render pass. Unfortunately, the game doesn't have a way to turn these off officially.

Also as you noticed, FXAA is broken.

The good news is that I noticed this and fixed it in Atelier Graphics Tweak, the latest version of which is at - it's for Lulua anti-aliasing, but should work for Ryza as well.

The tweak gives two antialiasing options:
1) if FXAA is enabled, fix the AA edge thresholds. This version is blurrier than before.
2) if FXAA is disabled, to replace FXAA with SMAA. This version is sharper than FXAA and will miss more edges.

If you search this board for the old version of the tweak, there was actually a version that disabled outlines. However I don't know if it works anymore.

To use the tweak, simply drop all DLL and HLSL files into the game folder and launch the game. I've noticed that injection isn't fully reliable; you may have to try a few times if it doesn't work.

For SMAA, you should see
PSSetShader(tonemapShaderNoAA) -> set HookAA Draw(HookAA) HookAA PreDraw Original Draw HookAA PostDraw
If it doesn't work, it'll be immediately obvious because there won't be AA at all.

For FXAA, you should see
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[CUM] Papa_poopie Jul 26, 2020 @ 7:17am 
Thanks for the reply.

I downloaded the tweak zip and extracted all the files into the game folder.

I disabled FXAA in the game's launcher settings, unfortunately your tweak didn't seem to get rid of the problem, and the game still looked quite aliased.

mraaaow!attach dinput8 loaded bind_deferred Map dinput8 hooked bind_deferred Unmap bind_deferred PSSetShader bind_deferred Draw bind CreateBuffer bind CreatePixelShader bind Flush bind Present initKiero cleanup freed 0 allocs of total size 0 hackCreatePixelShader hackCreateBuffer hackFlush getting game's device / immediate context Game Resolution: 2560x1440 Game Device = 0000000003cd3038 Game Immediate Context = 0000000007f56480 SMAA Init completed for resolution 2560x1440 not rebinding GetData because it breaks apitrace Found interesting pixel shader hackPSSetShader hackMap hackUnmap hackDraw Detected Render Context 0 = 00000000f00bc0d0 patch_HBAO applied PSSetShader(tonemapShaderNoAA) -> set HookAA Draw(HookAA) HookAA PreDraw Original Draw HookAA PostDraw cleanup freed 0 allocs of total size 0 Destroying resources start
百合 姫 Jul 29, 2020 @ 4:36am 
Well I reread your post and realized you were probably more complaining about the outlines. Here's a version that removes outlines.
Thats amazing!

Thanks so much for that.

It's shocking just how much better the game looks without those outlines
B Aug 4, 2020 @ 11:25am 
Originally posted by 𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓶𝓮:
Thats amazing!

Thanks so much for that.

It's shocking just how much better the game looks without those outlines

can you share pics of the game without outlines? I'm interested in how different it looks.
B Aug 4, 2020 @ 11:27am 
you should be able to get the lines looking clean as they should be scalable with the rest of the character model. I made this, though not the greatest example it shows the outline is crisp.

It should just be a rendering issue.
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