Avadon: The Black Fortress
At 20 hours in, my saves all disappeared
FML :(
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I just had to share my pain with someone.
Omg. I would probably never play again if that happened to me.
I feel your pain, 280 hours into xenogears corrupted save at final boss.... Never played my favorite game again... :sadpanda:
I had that happen once for my PS1. I had I do not know how many hours in the original Persona game, but I was all the way up to (but never got to see or fight) the final boss and I had done virtually everything I could up until that point. The original Silent Hill I had beaten the game on every difficulty to get all the ratings, see all the movies and I was just about to go to the closest to get the katana, which I had wanted from the very start and the game was deleted. There was at least one other important game I lost as well, but I can not remember the name of it now and all because of a cheap bargain bin piece of crap racing combat car game that instead of “saving” I “(re-)initialized” my memory card and everything was deleted but that one crappy, ugly, hard to control game that was not even worth the dollar or two I paid for it... Ever seen how the Angry Video Game Nerd gets... yea... that was me!

Then one time I had a memory card I had dropped or something after playing Resident Evil 2. I had beaten both scenarios and somehow now I had all the best weapons on me and in my chests and I could not drop any to get keys and such, so I was primarily stuck. I even had the electro-gun that, which in all honesty, I did not even know existed until then and after doing research, so I had no idea how that was saved onto the memory card either. The last bit I was more surprised and amazed, than angered but still. ^_^

Edit: And I am so sorry I just necroed this thread. I was only on page five and had not realized this was a few year old discussion. My appologies.
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