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Deleting my own level after submitting
Like the title says. I made a construction mistake (two times...) in my level "SANDDROP" which I wanted to change. So I have redone parts of the level and submitted it as "SANDDROP-REVISED-2". Now all three are displayed in the Community Level List but I just want the revised-2 to be there and if possible rename it to "SANDDROP-REVISED". I deleted it in my own level list and the Workshop Item also disappeared but its still in the Community Level List. Any idea how I can delete it there or do I not have the rights to do it.
I tried reporting it but I cant write "w" or use "space" between words so I just sent some rubbish.

On another note, there are some levels which are only a copy of the editor test level. Are we allowed to report them?
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Adelion; 13.1.2013 kello 8.44
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hi there

with all workshop contributions you as the contributer are able to do whatever you like to your submisions. to delete your duplicated levles simply go to its workshop page and then from there you can select deleate it in the publisher tools.

hope this helps :P
Adelion 26.3.2013 kello 11.41 
Heh, a pretty late answer. But sadly you are not completely correct. I can delete indeed my levels in the workshop page but I cant delete it in the community level list. Due to a construction error I wanted to change my level and now it is in the list three times and I only wish the latest version "Sanddrop-Revised-2" to be there so that the few people that are voting on the levels are concentrating on that one ....
But I mailed with the developer and he said the community levels are saved on a separate server where only he can do changes so that no one messes with the list. He wanted to change it but it that was two months ago. I also would like the idea to pick some of the best community levels and make a "community update" or atleast to update the featured levels. I hope he will some time in the near future update the game.
And finally I would like that atleast those community levels which are a simple copy of the testing level.
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