Gods of Havoc: Into the Void

Gods of Havoc: Into the Void

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Havoc  [developer] Aug 8 @ 10:35am
Developer's Warning and Information

I'm Michael Flynn, sole creator of the indie-game series 'Gods of Havoc' [https://www.gods-of-havoc.com/], a completed trilogy of strategy god games. In a gaming atmosphere where simulation is highly regarded, the lack of development in this classic genre is puzzling to me. To remedy the situation, I've spent the last few years creating three games which share a similar style, but which have very different aesthetics and offer diverse strategic gameplay.

I'd like to say that these are the perfect imagining of what I wanted to accomplish... they are not. As they've developed they've become something different, something new, and, I hope, something completely unique.

You may not have realised from the screens, but these games were made in RPG Maker! Don't blame yourself for not realising, when I went to post these games on the RPG Maker forums, the staff asked for pictorial proof of their construction in the engine, something I was happy to provide.

Honestly, these games are a little bit... janky! The engine limitations mean that saving takes time, and that a few odd things sometimes occur. I have, I believe, maximised the engine and have it running at it's limits soo... not much I can do to fix it. Here is a review that I suggest you watch before buying:


I will say that map movement, has been improved slightly since this review, and the mass of ships shown no longer occurs since the latest patch. Mostly though, everything they say about the game is true!

Why am I telling you all this and just not letting you buy it? Well I want you to like this game (the whole trilogy), I do. Actually, I love them. I've put a lot of time and energy into their construction, and what started out as a sort of dare to myself, (can you make a god game in RPG Maker?), has turned into something dear to me. If you like odd strategy games, with a hands off approach, then you may enjoy this, especially if you have any nostalgia about old-school games. So, you are warned! That being said, I really hope you enjoy this strange, monster, of a game!

All that said: if you find any bugs, have any suggestions, of just want to chat: post things here, or add me as a friend on Steam, or poke me on twitter or something. I sit a a desk all day, either making games or doing my day-job, so I'm always happy for some distraction!
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Hi Michael,

Is there any chance we'll be able to run this in a window? That was a request made for your previous game, Colony Prospector, but you never participated in any of the discussions over there, or even answered questions.
Havoc  [developer] Aug 8 @ 2:37pm 
Hi, and yes on both games. F4 should put the game in window mode and then you can stretch the screen as one normally would.
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