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SOLASTA Crown of the Magister

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Keeps rolling and rerolling and rerolling a DEX ST for the Zombie
I have the save game, will make a video and post in the morning.

Custom dungeon, I have a Flaming Sphere IIRC its called, at the door and my Pally and CL holding the door. Zombie runs into the sphere, rolls a SAVE and rerolls and rerolls and rerolls.

I loaded the last auto-save prior, and it did the same thing again.

I can email the file if you want it.

4:58 video

encountered this doing pay test of this self made dungeon. I'm 2 hours in so not eager to start over. Loaded the save, and this time concentrated my arrows on the zombie that trips both the trap and the Flaming Sphere in the same turn. Thinking that was the cause of the issue. It's not. A different zombie trips the trap and yet different one runs into the sphere and gets the repeated rerolls for the Dex save....

so...back to the drawing board, delete the trap, start over.
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EdrickV May 3 @ 8:20am 
It does seem like the trap may be related to the issue, but I have no idea how unless it's some sort of weird uninitialized variable type issue. After rolling the save it should take damage, but something is causing an infinite loop instead. Weird. At least that should narrow down when and where the bug is happening code wise for them to look at. So I'd say keep the bugged version of the map around in case the devs ask for it.
yeah I saved the game as a unique save vs the autosave. I sent in my email to the devs, both the save game and the dungeon maker json file for the map.

I was dismayed when taking out that specific zombie and then not having the trap and sphere save on the same turn, by the same zombie, did not resolve the issue and let me proceed. So now I have loaded the custom map, removed the trap, and am beginning another play test run through.
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