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RichSz 2012年12月24日上午11:28
[On sale] Buy or Not to buy. For anyone who's undecided. Like me ;) ?
Getting bit of a habit now making these threads. So,

If anyone wouldnt mind sharing their thoughts on this game whether there good or bad. They would be helpful for anyone having hard time making up there mind. Its at a good price now but i like some ppl, only have a certain amount they want to spend this winter sale. Current owners of the game i suppose would be most helpful parting with what their thoughts are of the game.
Look forward to read the comments to this topic. Thx in advance.
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Grephin 2012年12月24日上午11:48 
Well at 75% it's about cheap as it's going to get, I haven't seen any games go beyond 75% yet. Plus I've seen this on sale twice this year maybe more, so it might get back on sale near the end of the winter sale. I'm thinking about waiting on this one in case a better deal for a beatter game comes up. But you know, impulse buys are easier on winter sale.
Mallahowl 2012年12月24日下午12:35 
I love the game, it has a great atmosphere, great pacing and story. My only complain is that the m/kb controls are not as good as playing with a gamepad, so if you have one play with it, but if you don't that's okay, it's still very playable.

If the idea of a interative stephen-king-like psychological thriller appeals to you you should def buy it, and at 75% discount there's no discussion to it.
Osyris 2012年12月24日下午1:05 
I loved this game and would recommend it at full price, one of the best I've played in a while. Of coarse i'm not a CoD twitch junkie, I like story, and game world emersion so I have bias. Its worth watching the "Bright Falls" mini series ( ) before you play the game, it realy helps you get into the story. The stand alone expac "American Nighmare" was not very good, just a quick attempt to cash in. I would pick this up while it is one sale it is well worth it.
CorvusCorax 2012年12月24日下午2:15 
Agree with those above. It's well worth its money because of the story, atmosphere, and also it has an incredible soundtrack. The two DLCs are OK, too, but the separate game, the American Nightmare feels very short and just an excuse to cash in on the franchise. You can skip that one.
Marfung 2012年12月24日下午3:07 
I was rather disappointed with the game. Graphics are good, environments are detailed and the atmosphere is sufficiently spooky.
But gameplay is incredibly repetitive. The only real difference in enemies is some take longer to make vulnerable with your torch. When you finally get a vehicle it's still exactly the same, burn with light and kill.
The story thinks it's far cleverer than it actually is wearing its Stephen King/Twin Peaks influences on its sleeve, and takes far too long to reach what feels like a not very well thought out conclusion.
I've played far worse games than this, but I also feel there's much better currently on offer. Still, I seem to be in the minority.
DoubleD 2012年12月24日下午3:32 
Buy it.
baddog993 2012年12月24日下午6:04 
I have the game and the graphics and sound are super good. I hated parts of the game because it seemed to be very easy in certain spots and super hard in others. I do play it with a mouse and keyboard though so I dont know it may be easier to dodge with a xbox controller. I dont think its a bad game just was very much a challenge for me to play.
JayDeath 2012年12月24日下午6:22 
I already own the game formy 360. I wonder if I should buy for the convenience of having the game on steam. I spend that much money on lunch. I think I can swing it.
Rivenris 2012年12月25日上午1:33 
Game mechanics are annoying in some places. Especially checkpoints placement and shooting. Some of the scenes will make you shout to yourself: "Why the hell did they put it here? No man can do it!"
BUT: The game is woth picking up just for the story and great music (Poets of the Fall as Old Gods of Asgard). In the dlc episodes story is even better as it explains ending way better than original episodes does.
Seaside Supermodel 2012年12月25日上午1:38 
I really loved this game - like Dark Souls:Prepare to Die Edition, it was so worth the purchase - the story alone makes it worth it. One of 2012's best actually (even though it released in 2010 on XBOX)
=BRC=Tiffara 2012年12月25日上午6:57 
Just received the game as a gift, and after reading all this im soooo excited to start playing :)
thank you for this thread, i enjoyed it much!!! <3 Happy Playing!
RichSz 2012年12月25日上午7:22 
As helpful the posts on this topic were. I decided to not get the game. Dont have so much cash for sales which i can regret on as alan wake sounds like the story is great and atmosphere. The thing is its that i thought i werent really up for the tone of game that this offers, dark, horror etc (for now that is).
I have purchased recently a few games and actually thought i might need to be selective perhaps now as i might have to many games for my own good (wont be able to play them all really) haha. No probs xmas, happy to of made the thread.
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HYP3Z - SaiyajiN 2012年12月26日上午6:27 
I can not?
chypsa 2012年12月26日下午4:00 
I'm playing it right now and I gotta say - for a game this cheap, it's a no-brainer. Great atmosphere and setting, the game easily takes you in.

As far as controls go, someone said mouse/KB combo is not as good as gamepad, but I really wouldn't know...I'm playing it with m/kb and find it quite all right, so it's really not an issue of itself.

I presume it's the same deal as when I play with a gamepad - everything seems slow and clunky simply because I'm not used to it...

The only thing I mind is the angle of your char / lack of a crosshair, but I guess you get used to that too. Console thing, I suppose...
Dreakon13 2012年12月26日下午6:57 
Mouse and keyboard are alright, just turn on Direct Aiming.
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