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This game is a waste of money
The only great about this game are the graphics and the atmosphere, which are really amazing. Everything else is terrible.

The gameplay is horrendous, awkward and full of glitches. The third person camera is by far the worst I have ever played.

The writing, which in theory is the strongest point of the game, is dull, and full of clichés. The dialogues are so obvious they seem to be made for an audience of 10 year old kids.

I really wanted to like this game, because I thought it was an original idea. Not only there is nothing original here, the execution is poor.

And then the metacritic reviews are completely manipulated. Most people giving a good review have only written 1 review...
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It took me awhile to get the controls but after I understood them it become challenging and enjoyable. I thought the story was good and interesting. I wish it was more open world, which it was suppose to be. I bought it used for the xbox for 10 dollars and 10 dollars on steam. 20 dollars was worth it.
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And then the metacritic reviews are completely manipulated. Most people giving a good review have only written 1 review...

They're not manipulated, i opened acc on metacritic just to review both AWs :)
(that's for start of course)
It's like a standard Hollywood movie with a bunch of standard actors made by the Stephen King's book. Cheap and dull.
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Oh and i hated the main character. Because he's so "standard" and "average" probably.
Alan Wake has one of the best story's I've ever seen in a video game. Game of the year for me :)
its good but soooooo lagggggy
it's somehow less complex than Deus Ex Human Revolution.. I was warned by my friends before I bought Deus Ex.. I think if games are original, their controls and game-feel might need some time to adjust.. invest some more time into the game and you will love it! Besides, there are many achievements to strive for which you might need to play a few more rounds, and practice makes perfect..

If you just want to know the story, you could probably watch the walkthroughs.. :D
Well, I totally agree with Pier, except maybe for manipulated reviews ('cause tastes are different). Dropped out somewhere in the middle and eager to unbuy it, if there was such an option.

I praise Remedy for Max Payne 1-2 and hadn't expected something like that.
Well it always sucks when you feel that way about something you purchase [we all have been there!]. It's a shame you didn't make a connection with the game [not judging, I can understand this game isn't for everyone].

I am thouroughly enjoying every minute of it, as you said the atmosphere is just incredible. And the gameplay, while not your usual 3rd person "shooter", I feel compliments the thriller-style of the game. It took me a while to work out the best way to utilise the torch/flashlight, but now I find the battles very intense and gritty.

Massive fan of Max Payne 1 and 2, and I am thrilled [no pun intened ;-) ] that Remedy have taken a different direction with this game. It's different, but I think still very enjoyable for those who are into that sort of thing.
I enjoy it a lot. I find the fact that he his kinda of an average guy a bit refreshing...why does evey hero have to be beyond bigger than life. How is this story old and played out? as far as I can tell it preety new and orginal I can't think of one movie or book like it. Yes of course it's King and Lovecraftian esk....what horror thing isn't? And while i dont find the game scary at all, it is certainly creepy and an awesome watch/exp.. totally worth it..and you think it has the worst camera ever ? havent played many bad camera games then lmao...he said worst camera ever lololl
I've been playing games for 30 years, and I agree with the OP, and I regret having bought this game. For people who played games like "The 7th Guest" or "The 11th hour", almost 20 years ago, this game is really a step backwards. Those games were a breakthrough in PC gaming and specially for thriller/horror games. They are the ones I benchmark all the thriller games I play, and no game has come near those 2 in this genre.

This game didn't offer anything I had never seen before. Not even the story is original, although one has to go almost 20 years ago to see something like that.

Take, for instance "Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within", from the 90's: much better playability than this game. In older games one would have to make an effort to move on in the game: nowadays the games simply tell you what to do: there is no real challenge, since you don't have to figure out by yourself what has to be done. The puzzle factor is zero.

The graphics are amazing, but I have everything maxed, including 8x AA and 16x AF. However great graphics alone don't make a great game. challenging the player's intelligence and ability does. Take for instance Day of Defeat or Counter Strike: they have pretty poor graphics for today's standards, but are among the most successful games ever, and they don't get old.

The linearity of the game (or "in rails" as another player put it) make it a very bad game.
Easily one of the best games ive played in a very long time. I don't see why him being an "average joe" kind of character is an issue. Like someone above mentioned, not every protagonist in a game needs to be a hero, or larger than life. And why is it that a game is always expected to bring something new to the table? I seriously don't understand that view. The Horror/Survival genre of gaming has always borrowed ideas from it's successful forebears, and what isn't broken definitely shouldn't be fixed. Alan Wake made me feel like I was in a Steven King book, and thats pretty damned awesome.
I do agree about the awkward controls, dodging things felt very off to me. I hated the bird scenes as they come at you in super big waves. My main gripes of the game is its super easy in some spots and super hard in others, a lot of it has to do with the ammo being always on the super low side for a lot of the game. Also when your out of bullets its dodge and duck time however most of the time that hardly works. I would have loved it if they had a system for fighting back without bullets maybe a knife? The gameplay was very uneven also the ending was a big downer, I never finished the game because of the following issues I mentioned but I did youtube it and man what a downer.
Alan Wake is the best game ever! I mean I just think that everythin is perfect i that game, the athmosphere, characters, story, action and just everything. Only thing that wasn't so great was that it wasn't so open world but it doesn't bother so much cause the story is just so well written and everything!
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