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incogme  [developer] Dec 18, 2013 @ 1:26pm
RELEASED: BUILD 20 Patch Notes
Having problem with Mac? Post here:

  • The weak trait will now reduce your max capacity.
  • Fixed the weird lighting in the church.
  • Fixed the brown wooden stairs textures in carpentry menu.
  • Fixed some bugged walls (where you could loot through them).
  • Craft food from rotten ingredients will give you a rotten food as result.
  • Now save the unhappy and boredom level.
  • The Anti-depressants now reduce the unhappyness (effect is not immediate, it take some times).
  • Fixed lighting issues / holes in world draw errors.
  • If you click outside the delete save modal dialog in the world selector, it'll disapear.
  • Fixed the fire saving/load bug.
  • Fixed a bucket/garden spray can duplication bug.
  • No longer possible to equip a two handed weapon if it's broke.
  • Some world convert fixes (still have some crash on certain save :( Will do more).
  • Fixed a lot of farming bugs :
    • When you harvest a plant, click on another (even dead) to have the last clicked plants vegetables (I fixed this for all the other actions)
    • Some plants disapear.
    • Fertilizer.
    • Other minor fixes.
  • Fixed sand bag walls : They were not hoppable and not acting as a wall. (now they block you, not your vision, and you can climb them).
  • Fixed alarms saving.
  • Fixed the mod loader bug (I thought we already made a hotfix for that, apologize !).
  • Fixed the temperature of items after the electricity shut-off.
  • When crafting an of item of food - its age will be dependent on the average age of the foodstuffs that went into the recipe. What's more, if any of the food you used was rotten - then don't expect the results to be particularly edible either! This is a fix for crafted food that 'cured' the rot of what went into it - ramen etc :)
  • The loot found on zombie bodies is no longer dependent on the room/area in which they were 'killed'.
  • General UI polish.
  • Ripping something into bandages that's inside a container won't have the side-effect of ripping up the clothes you're wearing. (Sorry!).
  • Some typo fixes.
  • You can now destroy non-player made stairs.
  • Fixed bunchs of XP books bugs :
    • No more xp reset if you stop/restart to read the book.
    • Page read will be reset to 0 if you finish to read them (thanks gekkobear ;)).
    • No more multiplier reset in the middle of the skill.
    • No more "can't read last page bug".
  • Hand made construction will now drop some materials used to build it if destroyed.
  • Fixed the weapon tooltip.
  • Food will also become rotten inside if put inside zombie body.
  • Fixed a bug in the calcul of the rotten food when it was in a container you never open before.
  • Some reloading fixing by our lovely Stormy !
  • Fixed a bug where the name of the plant wasn't in the info box in case of dead plant.
  • Fixed a bug in the "take some dirt" option.
  • Fixed running on the spot zombies.
  • Fixed some inventory bug ("grab" option always grab in your main inventory, not the open one, like a bag).
  • Fixed a bug where the campfire light doesn't go away.
  • Fixed some null pointer reload bug.
  • Fixed smashing windows with firearm not working.
  • Fixed a bug in the fixing system : even with 100% of success, you had 1% to fail.
  • Fixed small rain barrel transforming into big one.
  • Unequip the current weapon if it break and you have nothing else in your inventory (previously : the weapon was still equipped but you couldn't turn while it was equipped)
  • Farming : Plants which require a water max (carrots for example), won't die if they have too much water, just lower a bit their health (not more than < 30).
  • Farming : Now delay for only 30 hours the next growing in case of disease or too much water/water missing (previously : 50 hours).
  • Hand made windows frame are no longer passable through.
  • You can no longer climb hand made windows frame if they are barricaded.
  • You can no longer create wall/windows frame and stuff over existing walls/fence, you have to destroy them first (it was unrealistic, and created lot of bugs, like climb through a wall... Though it was really fun to do... I think they use this bug in Harry Potter.. :D)
  • This fixed :
  • Fixed memory leak causing OOSs on some systems.
  • Performance changes / improvements (no promises, including the demo, with the numbers we're talking chances are it'll take a few to get most of them sorted).
  • Tweaked the camping code to make it much more efficient.
  • Added inventory icon for berries bush.
  • Added various tooltip (pills, ...), to help the new players.
  • New items ! (include lovely spiffo burger by our cutie pie Mash !).
  • New recipes : Box of things, explaination : You can now find box of nails (you also have screws, bullets...), right click on it and select "open" will give you 100 nails AND if you have 100 nails, you can also right click on it and "put in a box" to move them around easily.
  • You can now find sand bag, gravel bag and empty gravel bag, you can click click on them to spill sand/gravel on the ground, adding a sand/gravel tile where you want. These bags can be used 4 times before giving you an empty bag, which, with a shovel can be filled with sand, gravel or soil by clicking on the right tile on the ground.
  • Some new items : threads, garbage bags, gravel bag, watch, wooden glue... Not all of this item have a purpose right now, but they will really soon, that's why they are already in game. (think about people who already explored a lot of things, when this new items will have an utility, they'll have hard time to find them..).
  • Added gravel bags walls in the carpentry menu (under "Fence sub menu).
  • Fertilizer for farming (this was not really "new", but bugged and the fertilizer weren't spawned) : Use it up to 4 times on your plant (no more ! or it'll die...) to reduce by 20hours the next growing phase.
  • Added a tiny icon (like the little orange round for the equipped item) for broken weapon.
  • Empty gravel bag and garbage bags are container (you can equip them), they are big but with a really small weight reduction.
  • Changed crate crafting: level 2 carpentry allows for rough/crap crates, level 4 lets you build proper ones.
  • Player-created floors, like walls, now have three different textures to match your carpentry skill level.
  • You can now pack 50 seeds into a seeds package - so it now works like boxing up nail.
  • Campfire will now look like it’s alight when fired up.
  • Some containers (school bag, plastic bag ...) will now have items spawned inside. A purse might contain lipstick etc.
  • Berries will now rot.
  • New message added to demo to underline to players that you start off infected.
  • Crops in farm areas now have a chance to spawn corn.
  • The container tooltip (for plastic bags, school bags..) will now display the icons of the 3 last items added inside it.
  • 2 new traits : Lucky and Unlucky, they will influence thing as loot rate, chance of break your weapon, chance of success in fixing it...
  • Fixing System ! Yay !
  • Garbage bags can now have items inside them (including empty bottle).
  • Farming : You can know remove your plants with the hand shovel (and not just the spade).
  • You can now rename your bags (right click on them in your inventory, "Rename this bag").
  • When you make an item, we set the condition of the result item with an average of the used items condition, and not just the lowest condition.
  • Tweaked the number of berries in a bush.
  • You'll now have much more chance to find stuff (including axes and hammer) in the West Point toolstore (in front of the sea horse coffee).
  • Time to start a fire in a oven increased.
  • Tweaked a bit the fire spreading (it spread more... "The roof is on fire, we don't need no water let the..." Erm.)
  • Up a bit the loot rate of sand bags.
  • Rain collector change : You now need to be carpentry lvl 2 to build a small rain collector, and then lvl 4 to build the big one (the current one). You also need garbage bags to build them now.
  • Up the loot rate of the hand shovel (required for farming).
  • Increased the likelihood of discovering tent pegs
  • Lowered the potential for alarms to sound once the electricity has shut itself off.
  • Name of a rotten food will now be displayed in red.
  • Better chance to find garbage bags inside bin.
  • Lower the time needed to water the plants.
  • Slight up of the number of zombies on the map.
  • Now load "Item_...png" instead of "item_...png" in the mod loader.
  • The mod directory can now be different of the mod ID for the mod loader.
  • New event : "OnFillContainer" // Every time we fill a new container with item, param : room name, container type name, the container just filled.
  • New event : OnChangeWeather // Every time we change the weather, triggered in lua, param : the new weather (string).
  • Added a setCustomColor(ColorInfo) for IsoObject.
  • Updated translations.

Hope you enjoy! Let us know of any issues.
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Woodman.® Dec 18, 2013 @ 1:32pm 
thank you sir :happymeat:
Pungee Dec 18, 2013 @ 1:44pm 

I take it you fine devs are still working on the ability to build a second floor?
Phatboi Dec 18, 2013 @ 1:46pm 
Yehaw! looking good!
incogme  [developer] Dec 18, 2013 @ 1:46pm 
Yep annoyingly that one's turned out to be a really crafty one (no pun intended) it's a massive priority for fixing as of this release.
Pungee Dec 18, 2013 @ 1:47pm 
Originally posted by lemmy101:
Yep annoyingly that one's turned out to be a really crafty one (no pun intended) it's a massive priority for fixing as of this release.

You are craftier. Keep up the good work. :D
Robert Johnson  [developer] Dec 18, 2013 @ 1:50pm 
Updated the OP with the correct patch note :)
Spanton Dec 18, 2013 @ 1:55pm 
So glad to see updates are still coming and the devs are active! Have no regrets opting in to the early access release to help this gem grow. Keep up the great work!! =)
Last edited by Spanton; Dec 18, 2013 @ 3:42pm
Donald Trump Dec 18, 2013 @ 2:00pm 
Awesome! Love the game, keep up the good work!
Akell47 Dec 18, 2013 @ 2:00pm 
Ok for some reason, since I downloaded this patch I haven't been able to open the game, any tips?
ZeroReady Dec 18, 2013 @ 2:00pm 
Wait is this just moving the standard Steam release up to the Beta stage? If I've been playing the latest beta, will I see these changes, or is this what the beta has been?
incogme  [developer] Dec 18, 2013 @ 2:01pm 
We did a ninja update because of this problem, it should be fine after another update? try restarting steam
Akell47 Dec 18, 2013 @ 2:03pm 
No, still not working. Is it because I'm on a Mac?
incogme  [developer] Dec 18, 2013 @ 2:04pm 
Possibly, I'll try another mac upload to make sure. Bah.
Akell47 Dec 18, 2013 @ 2:04pm 
Spacemarine658 Dec 18, 2013 @ 2:07pm 
when will you guys relase this on the non beta opted version?
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