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41.51 FAQ
See here for the most up-to-date version:

Build 41.51 is out on IWBUMS. Changelog here:

Recap: delayed up to 6 months (see, so we’ll be releasing any complete sp stuff (that’ll have no impact on mp development) over the next few months. Noiseworks .etc to follow.

Share and enjoy.


You need to use the pick up tool in order to take curtains now. They preserve their curtain-y status Instead of turning into sheets for decorating purposes. An unfortunate side effect of this is that they cannot currently be used to make sheet ropes but this will be fixed later.

Going Back

Have a save from 41.50 that you want to continue or a mod that you can’t live without? Go to Betas and select 41.50 from the drop down menu to get back to your happy place.


Mods in the global list (main menu -> mods) are disabled on first start and will not affect existing games. This is to prevent issues that un-updated mods will likely cause. Please play vanilla until your favourite modder updates their mod — If you do play with mods anyway and a problem does occur, please ensure that the error actually happens in a new game without the mod(s) activated before reporting it. There’s otherwise no way we can tell if the mod is the cause or the main game is the problem.

Versions of Windows Prior to September 2018

Anyone on an older version of Windows than 1803 (Windows 10 Aug 30th 2018) will not be able to take advantage of the new pauseless GC. The game will also use considerably more memory than with the mew garbage collector. The exe will automatically select the right gc for you, settling for g1 for systems that can’t support ZGC. Please update Windows if possible.

This does not affect Mac or Linux users.

Antivirus Software

Since the EXE has been changed to accommodate the above, antivirus software may flag it as a suspicious file. Since the signature has changed and very few people currently have this file (basically whoever was in the test group), antivirus software will be suspicious of it. Add an exception if it doesn’t appear to launch. Please mark the file as a false positive if possible and submit it to your AV company to sort this for future players.

Intel integrated graphics

Since we moved to Zulu instead of Oracle JVM, this should also fix most crashes with Intel integrated graphics cards that are not related to low amounts of system RAM. Users with 6 GB of ram OR are running a newer version of windows (see above, the new gc) should be OK.

Alt-Tab crashes

These should be sorted with the lwjgl upgrade.

Controller Issues

Likewise, issues with controller detection should largely be sorted with this update. J input has been replaced with xinput, in addition to Steam’s own controller lib, iirc.
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