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can someone explain Nozzles?
I know you can get several different nozzles, but AFAIK, there are not obvious uses for them, nor the game really explains what to use them for, aside the small animation you get when making the upgrades in the workshop.

So, are nozzles really necessary to progress through the game? or you can make through it with just the standard nozzle?

I have already completed both the factory and the orchard, having every nozzle at level 1, and i don't remember if I really needed more than the standard nozzle. I used the "wide stream" nozzle several times, but i think it can just be replaced by the normal one.

As for the other three... one seems to spit a blob of just enough liquid to create a fluoro, is that right? the other seems to spit a seed, but you still need liquid for it, so what is it needed for? And the last one, seems to have some "recoil", but it is not even enough to hover like a jet-pack, so whats the point?

Do they get used more in the next levels? because the game really doesn't explain them or make them obvious.

or perhaps later in the game they do become necessary?, and the same goes to upgrading them. the only level 2 upgrade I've gotten is for the containers but they are actually and obviously useful.

please tell me, but avoid possible spoilers.
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im not sure, but i think they aren't needed. example: you need a wide nozle, but you did spend all upgrades on the recoil one, it would be impossible to advance further trough the game.
They seem...pointless...
The only one I found somewhat useful was the one that can spit out a fluoro, resulting in less waiting for one to 'assemble' the usual way. But even then the advantage was minimal...You can go through the whole game and never need a diffrent nozzle really...
As Sevakordran said, I found most of them pointless. The wide nozzle, is kind of nice in the factory because it makes killing magma fluros easier. The one shaped like a hand pointing is the only one I found genuinely useful through the rest of the game. It is the one that spits out a prepared Fluro. I'd upgrade that one and the main one and you would be set. There is one that provides some propulsion for you, which can slow your descent when falling, but you never really need it.
I don't really bother with the nozzles, seems better to focus on the capacity upgrades and upgrading just a single nozzle.
Nozzles are for different amounds of water flow. Some are wide, some are narrow and high-pressure. Some of them even fire fully grown Fluros. Handy for different situations.
They aren't needed. You can complete the entire game only with the standard nozzle. Still, they have some uses. I remember skipping a puzzle by using that lvl 2 nozzle that allows you to hover, and the one that spits a blob with a fluro seed allows you to save time when making fluros.
There's a nozzle which pushes you back while spraying. You can use it as a jetpack and crack some puzzles (for example getting the blue goo canister).
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