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Is it worth it?
What the title says. I've put around an hour into the demo, does the full version differ that much besides adding a few game modes?

Bought the game, and yes, those new game modes are a blast! Not sure if for me if it's worth full price, but on sale I would say yes!
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Plaid 2013年3月28日下午5:48 
It's worth it.
LGM1979 2013年4月16日上午4:06 
I'll add my 2 cents here and say that it's very worth it, I have nearly 50 hours logged in this game and occasionally punish myself by jumping into Chase Mode which is one of the most challenging things I've ever encountered in any game. Survival mode alone is worth the cost of the game as hitting the scorecap is quite the accomplishment. There's something... hypnotic and intense about getting to that level, it becomes a pulse pounding adventure the higher up you get. Once you hit the scorecap you can consider youself one of the masters of twin stick shooters. :D
Bassem 2013年6月8日上午12:30 
It's absolutely worth it. I don't know what the demo offers, but the full version has a number of game modes that keep the gameplay different and interesting, even if they all use the same map. My favourite is Bombing Run, I can burn a lot of time in there.

I have a lot of "arcade" games in my Steam library but this is the one I keep coming back to.
{LCGA}LowTech 2013年6月9日上午1:00 
Yeah what they said, i think it's worth it just for survival mode.
ヽ(゚д゚)ノ 2013年6月11日上午11:58 
Cu'De'Ben Da'b3ss 2013年6月24日下午12:37 
Wannaweetie 2013年6月28日下午12:40 
love this game - very oldschool
Plaid 2013年6月28日下午5:41 
love this game - very oldschool

old school in that it is an overhead twinstick arena shooter, but it has a geniously original mechanic that sets it apart.
Very addictive.
SugarySnax 2013年7月3日上午4:21 
Yea, old school. You start off with a powerful weapon and weak enemies but their numbers expand exponentially and soon you realize you have no hope. Then you figure out how to use the multiplier, the leveling, the bombs and math. That takes you a little further. Again you're overwhelmed until you understand that you have to learn how to shoot in every direction while dodging enemies that pop up anywhere, some of them with very tricky movement patterns. The whole time you have to keep collecting the multiplier pads and experience points so you get more bombs so you can drive right through the thickest enemies.

The pressure never lets up. You get to the point where the enmies start making a distinct sound that you'll love as they die by the thousands over and over again. The worst thing about the game is that it's so hard on your hands and it probably adds about 60 points to your systolic blood pressure. Towards the end you'll forget to breathe. The music faster and faster. The beat pounding, enemies! Enemies! Closer, closer. Thumbs stop working.

You'll find youself on the floor in a puddle of your own wee. Your body's autonomous system almost always overrides the breath holding before there's too much brain damage. This is not the type of game that just gives you skill and super powerful weapons because you put in some time. No. This game gives you more points for each kill as you get more experience but you have to learn how to keep those numbers up or you'll never get to the max score.

Plaid 2013年7月4日下午5:03 
引用自 SugarySnax
...hard on your hands... Thumbs stop working.

That seems to be my main problem :D

It's like, the better I do, the longer I play, the more my hands hurt, then I have to stop!
I'll never reach a billion :(
SugarySnax 2013年7月10日上午10:38 
That's not good for you. The pain and dysfunction is nature's way of telling you to stop.

The best thing to do is learn how to pause and then minimize the screen. Do something else for at least 20 minutes or much longer. Stretch your hands. Watch the youtube video of the guy maximizing the score. Then come back and before you start remember what the situation was when you left. Inevitably you're going to be surrounded with everything closing in and spawning right next to you in large numbers so you'll want to be shooting and moving your gun around and looking for someplace where you can take a breath.

The few times I"ve maxed out the high score it was always when I took long breaks between long balls. If I kept playing when my thumbs were stiffening, I'd get killed and be out of the game. It sucks in a way but the human body has limitations. Unlike many games, Waves tests those limits.
Plaid 2013年7月10日上午11:23 
It's difficult sometimes to hop back into a game with the same focus you had before the break.

But yeah, I'm not going to "play through the pain" or anything dumb like that.
JamesBind 2013年7月15日上午1:20 
I discovered Waves with the demo and I hesitated to buy the full game, just like you. But the full game offers much more fun than the demo. So... you can buy it.
Tymorus 2013年7月21日下午2:03 
Waves is very fun totally worth it
exception 2013年7月23日上午12:54 
Very worth it. One of the best purchases I made during the summer sale (-75%). The full game offers some pretty unique game modes. Bombing run is very fun.

引用自 SugarySnax
Towards the end you'll forget to breathe. The music faster and faster. The beat pounding, enemies! Enemies! Closer, closer. Thumbs stop working.

So glad I'm not alone on this. It's like they intentionally made the pause a bit clunky to keep you in the action. Also the game always comment on your score at the end and one time it said "cue breathing." Heh.
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