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Warboy Oct 4, 2020 @ 5:44am
We're mainly an older group age wise but we have members from 15-78 years of age from different backgrounds and from all over the world (including two Vietnam war veterans and many other veterans of other wars). Come join the largest & oldest Vietnam War group in the Arma 3 community.

Delta Platoon was created back in 2017 by Eggbeast (Unsung mod dev/cdlc dev) and fellow developers/beta testers as a way to play the mod together in a semi-milsim environment, 1st Platoon (formerly Delta Platoon) in 2019 then expanded that idea to include the general public. We have our orientation course for new members joining the group on Saturdays at 11:00am EST/4:00pm BST and our large campaign operations (50+ players) every Sunday at 11:00 am US Eastern/4:00 pm British time, we also have a monthly World War 2 ops to change things up a bit.

1st Platoon takes part in various campaigns of the Vietnam era from 1964 to 1971 and consists of three infantry squads, a recon team, a 60mm mortar detachment and a flight element. Each dynamic campaign we do is 12-13 weeks long with a different 'theme' each time, rotating between Army, Air Cav, Marines, Airborne, Armored and even Special Forces. We use the task force radio mod for communication, the ACE targeting system for mortar/arty support and the AIS script for our medical system. We only employ three formations - Column (single file or staggered), battle line and 360 degree circle, simplicity and fast paced action is key to our gameplay.

Join our Discord and we'll direct you to the appropriate channel you need to read and follow to get setup for orientation. The orientation course is there for us to get to know you, let you know what you can expect at events and what we expect from you.

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