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SkyRiderJM Jun 3, 2020 @ 2:20pm
1st battle in American Campaign Red Zone Defeat yet green marked objectives
Makes no sense I started a new American Campaign and 1st battle say's you can't win and they show you a red zone so I capture one enemy ship and send that ship and my two ships to the red safe zone and it shows objectives as green yet the game gives me a defeat end of war. :(

8.23 REV 35062 F11

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SkyRiderJM Jun 4, 2020 @ 12:57pm 
The other point I would like to make is I didn't play the game for a week or so come back to it start a new American Campaign and this is the first thing I notice I do the objectives and the game gives me an unfair defeat and end of war screen so in other words for me that is game breaking.

What do I do, I go ahead and start a new British Campaign and I get past the first battle but when I get to the second battle I capture San Juan and the Walpole and we sail to red zone and the game gives me a unfair draw because the game is broke again for a simple game mechanic can't decide if a captured enemy ship should = and count as a destroyed enemy ship and by it not being so would make the whole campaign unplayable under those terms.
lilbitz5 Jun 4, 2020 @ 3:03pm 
I can't figure out the first American battle either. The game doesn't tell me where I'm supposed to go to "save" my ships. It says to go to the south, but where in the south? Off the map counts as retreating and results in defeat.
LiquidWolf Jun 5, 2020 @ 5:02am 
You can beat the first fight in the american campaign by capturing or defeating both enemies. It's probably a bug though.
SkyRiderJM Jun 5, 2020 @ 10:45am 
Hi Guy's, it's a simple early game war ending campaign battle bug. They haven't fixed it yet! I haven't tried to wipe out total enemy to see if it still will report a defeat which ends campaign instantly. For, if you lose a ship that you are suppose to save while trying to wipe out the enemy you will again get a defeat based on that alone so that is why I didn't try to wipe out enemy for the game tells you at the start of it, "your not suppose to win the total fight" and that is the reason I reported this silly game breaking bug.

I mean you just start this campaign and it gives you an unfair defeat which ends the war and you can't continue and if you keep trying and getting the same result well that is insane right?

(2ndNJ) the game tells you that but it shows the red zone on your map so just like in any battle that shows you a red zone that is a zone that is suppose to be a safe place to retreat by sending the required ships, at the right time it becomes available but the game gets the report wrong and gives a defeat. Look at my picture and you can see one of my ships to the far right, it was in the red zone but the end battle report of the picture does not show the red zone but it was there. Now if we are suppose to send the ships somewhere else well I don't know for I seen the red zone.

I can look at my earlier videos of this battle and the difference now is they changed this battle so the wind is still flowing in the direction of the red zone but the red zone is now in a different location so I wonder if that is what is screwing up this battle? Whenever they make a change in a battle I think sometimes they forget to also change the battle report to correctly report the new red zone location so that might reflect part of the problem for the objectives where green marked for I correctly put the ships into that new zone but the overall report showed defeat. I am not a game programmer so I am just giving you what I think.
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