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This Land Is My Land

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Cultural and Historical Questions
I attempted to ask this on the official Reddit, but after 11 days there has been no response. So I am asking here.

Someone sent me a link about this game thinking that as an Indigenous person I might like it. I must admit that while it has potential, there is a LOT I am VERY hesitant about.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I would like to know if you had a proper cultural consultant involved in the making of this game? If not, then you have already failed step one if your motives are to bring Indigenous representation in a media format that rarely has such, as I have read in articles.

A few other inquiries I have:

- Why are there no women in the game, despite this being severely historically inaccurate and disrespectful to all the native women who played monumental roles in society, and what do you plan on doing to fix this?

- Why did you decide to contribute to the myth that native peoples are a monolith by refusing to distinguish specific tribes, and what do you plan on doing to fix this?

- How do you plan on combating racism in the comments, like this for example?

I hope that someone does not mind taking a few minutes to answer these questions. Because the bottom line is this: We are not fantasy people, and our genocide should not be taken lightly.

Wela’lin (thank you)
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Berkana Sep 8, 2019 @ 11:37pm 
This Land Is My Land is not a simulation game. It unfolds at a specific place that represents a time when the Native Americans were cornered in making a tough choice of assimilating with the foreign civilization or perish into history. Ie its a entertainment based object, to enjoy freedom.... not to simulate wounded knee or any diversity or proper culture , feminist based, or political ideas.
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