This Land Is My Land

This Land Is My Land

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So I’m wondering what some of these skills may incorporate. How far will they go and will we be seeing Native American rituals or “magic”/medicine play a role with any of these skills? Such as having the ability to shapeshift/skinwalk maybe communicate with other creatures, rain dance etc. and if we’re on that note, will there be any Native American myths/lore that are a physical part of the game?
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Natalino  [developer] Jul 21, 2019 @ 5:51pm 

Here is a video on skills that will give you some insight into what the skills are currently. There will/can be changed during the development of the game though.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

It is 4 parts because there are 4 types of skill categories. Enjoy!
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