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How to turn Experimental Branch (and older versions) on and off?
Experimental Branch
Everyone who purchased Timberborn Early Access can play on Experimental Branch but you should be aware of the unfinished content and bugs. If that doesn’t scare you, follow the steps below.

As of 2022-09-01, Experimental is available in all supported languages. Please note that because of how quickly it evolves, we will often add/change new features before the translations are ready, resulting in some English text mixed in.

  • Right-click Timberborn in your Steam Library, select “Properties” and then the “Betas” tab.
  • Pick “Experimental Branch” from the drop-down menu. The game will update itself and will now be launching in Experimental Branch until you change the branch again.

Note: saves used in Experimental Branch are kept in a separate folder (by default: C:\Users\[user]\Documents\Timberborn\ExperimentalSaves). We strongly recommend starting a new game.

Please post your Experimental-specific feedback, suggestions, and bug reports in the dedicated subforum HERE! Thanks.

Older versions
Following the steps above, you can access older versions of the game as well. You will find that helpful if the new update breaks compatibility with older saves but you want to finish an old settlement without the new content.

Version history:
  • Pre-Update 1 version - available on the “Old version 0.0” branch.
  • Update 1 ( - available on the "Old version 0.1" branch.
  • Update 2 ( - available on the "Old version 0.2" branch.
  • Update 3 ( - available on the "Old version 0.3" branch".
  • Update 4 ( - as of May 24, 2023, available on the main branch.
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