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Miami_Mechanistry  [developer] Sep 4 @ 8:31am
How to join Timberborn closed beta?
If you want to play an early version of Timberborn and help us create the world’s only beaver city-building game, you’ve come to the right place.

How do I get a beta key?

  1. You can register at https://mechanistry.com/betaform. We can’t guarantee you will get a key, but we regularly add new players to the beta, typically around major updates. That's going to be the case with Dam & Blast we will release on November 3rd. The beta is available on Steam only.
  2. We invite you to join our official Discord server[discord.gg]. There, we gather feedback from players, have fun, but also run contests and giveaways. We have sent quite a few keys to those who participated in our beavertwork contests, and we host weekly Beaver Brainstorms where the most active participants receive keys.
  3. Another option would be to find us on Twitter. We're posting daily, so if you’re interested in Timberborn sneak-peeks (or possible beta key giveaways similar to the one we had recently), follow us there!

How do I provide feedback?

  1. Once you’re in beta (or even if you aren’t, but you’ve seen Timberborn in a YouTube video or on a Twitch stream), you can share your thoughts either here or on our Discord. We read every single post, and I’m running that little file where I gather all suggestions!
  2. Every Monday (kind of – because of Dam & Blast, we're taking a short break) we're having a Beaver Brainstorm on our Discord. Each week, we have a different main topic, such as playable beaver families or resources.
  3. Remember that the game is now in closed beta. It’s a playable build (very playable, if you ask me), but it’s far from finished experience. With Dam & Blast, core systems are here, but we plan to add a lot more (such as droughts and irrigation). Still, you can build impressive wooden cities with vertical structures and play with the map editor. There's quite a bit to do!
  4. The beta build may contain bugs and have less than stellar performance, especially when you get hooked and your beaver population is in hundreds. But we're working on that!

Apply today!
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