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How to make a server!!!
1.3 Update fix

Maikeru Konare a écrit :
I figured it out! Navigate to Terraira in your Program Files (x86) file on your C drive (Steam -> Steamapps -> common -> Terraria), double click start-server, pick the world you want to run and then hit enter until it builds the server. Now EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE HOST (this is the part I was super confused by) you enter your own world via JOIN WITH IP, and you type in YOUR OWN IP ADDRESS. Then bam youre in your multiplayer world and people can connect if you share your IP with them. Its all different post update but still works. :)

Will look into updating this more when I have time. I'm a busy person so if yall could just chill the F out I would be greatful. Have a nice day.

Thank you all for the warm feed back and I'm happy that this thread has been helpful for so many of you. From now on please refrain from adding me I check this semi regularly and there are also plenty of other people that lurk here with helpful advice.

NOTE: If I do actually take the time to respond/add/help you be respectful or I will either ignore you or block you. I'm taking my own personal time to do these things and it is a choice not and resposibility.

For simple knowledge of in game things your best friend is>>> http://wiki.terrariaonline.com/Terraria_Wiki
Every pro uses this I keep it open 24/7 while I play.

Side note to all newbie server makers, NO your IP is not, nor will it be, these are internal IP addresses and are useless to anyone else. Go to www.whatismyip.com and THAT is your ip.

There are many ways to go about making a server. I'll show you three.

1. In game
2. Tunngle
3. Dedicated

You will need to know how to port forward and this is the major area where most people screw up with or without knowing it. If your friend is stuck on a screen that says "Connecting" you most likely messed this up. (If you don't know the password to get onto your router and you are a kid talk to your parents about this first before you get in trouble.)

Also http://portforward.com/ <---- This if this doesn't help you i doubt we will be able to.

For best results on port forwarding you want to know what the make and model of your router is. This can be found on the underside of the router, once you know that I suggest google search or youtube search your make and model with port forwarding. (i.e. Netgear WNDR3700v3 portforwarding or Port forwarding for the Netgear WNDR3700v3)

If you do not know how to identify what is your router honestly you probably should not be messing around with this but you are hear and trying anyway. So here is a diagram for those not so tech savy people. http://www.workbooth.info/IMG/router.jpg
A good give away is that on the underside it will say "Router" somewhere. If it happens to say "Modem" you are looking at the wrong thing. (or you may have a two in one router/modem. If this is the case all I can say is good luck, most two in ones are provided by your local isp [internet service provider] and have been set up in a way to discourage or even prevent people from port forwarding. Look around for a solution but honestly the best one I have found is to buy your own router and modem)

No router? No problem! If your computer is plugged directly into your modem you do not need to port forward seeing as you are wide open to the internet and all of it's gloriously safe content and loving users! Pass on your IP and get started.
- If you are trying to LAN with using a switch/hub you need to give the other users your local ip to connect to. This can be found by hitting Windows + R, type in "cmd", hit enter, type in "ipconfig", hit enter, look for your IPv4 Address. They will connect through that. (side note they still need to connect to the right port [7777 by default])

1. In Game Hosting
This is my preferred method straight forward and simple.
Once you have port forwarding set up all you need to do now is pass along the information to let friend connect to you.
What they will need:
-Your IP Address (can be found by going to www.whatismyip.com)
-The port number (7777 by default)
-The password if you so choose to set one.


2. Tunngle
I could not find any other video for this but I remember people asking for it and from what I hear it is better than hamachi so here you go. If this doesn't help search yourself for a better video or text how to.


3. Dedicated
This is a a bit more for the advanced but does not mean that it is hard to do. This version is good for people who want control over their world and the players in it. If you are going to open your game publicly to random players I suggest using this method so you can ban greifers and make certain greifing items unavailable (tnt, bombs, lava, etc.)

For you need to download the software to host the server which he will go over in the video. But beyond that it the same requirements are needed for your friends as a in game hosted server.

FAQ/Frequent Problems: (Work in progress)
If you are still haveing trouble with friends connecting please before posting check these common issues EVEN if you think you already have. When trying to solve computer problems the best approach is often to start with the simple and then move on to the complex.

1. Check your firewall to make sure it's not blocking it.
2. If you use any antivirus or programs like peerblock make sure they aren't blocking it.
3. If it worked last night and now magically doesn't your local IP probably changed you will need to update your port forwarding.
3.a. If you know what you are doing or know how to use google, set you local IP to a static one so it doesn't change. Make sure it is out of the routers dynamic IP range.
4. If all else fails feel free to post here but make sure you fullt explaing what you have tried and are trying to do. Vague posts that make it obvious you have not even read this or tried to do it on your own will be ignored at least by me.

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need help on finding makeing sever on terraria
add and message me
Hey. I just picked up the game the other day (rookie status) and matchmaking takes more than a button push it seems. Lookin for some multiplayer of any kind =]
Do you have a world/server up?
Is it up?
can i join a server and or tell me how to make one for me and my friend
Okay anyone looking to make a server all you have to do is go to Multiplayer>Host&Play> select options. Then go to www.whatismyip.com and you give that to your friend to connect. Default port for Terraria is 7777 If you have any other problems feel free to ask.
K15H4N a écrit :
Its just sits on connecting :(
Yetsuo a écrit :
Default port for Terraria is 7777 ]
You must also have 7777 (or your custom port) forwarded to your router.
XtremeBoy15 a écrit :
Yetsuo a écrit :
Default port for Terraria is 7777 ]
You must also have 7777 (or your custom port) forwarded to your router.
This is correct tho I have noticed alot of people not need to do the port forward themselves and I didn't want to confuse people so if you are still having problems with people connecting to your server this is probably the problem and I can walk you through port forwarding.
Will be playing on my own server now but I will check in periodicly to answer questions.
i will join
wats the ip
Im not inviting people to my server. Sorry
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