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PRAZ  [开发者] 2014年3月2日上午10:36
"The Incredible Journey of Spiral Game Studios"
A massive, in-depth article has just went live on the story of Spiral!

"Spiraling Into Control - The Incredible Journey of Spiral Game Studios"
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Montor 2014年3月2日上午10:43 
Well that was interesting.
I recommend reading this to everybody who plays this game.
sosmartin 2014年3月2日上午11:12 
Honestly, I think you guys need to leave the faults of the past in the past.
I keep seeing this stories about how everything wrong and the explanation of it everywhere.
I wasnt really intrested in that topic back when it was a serious matter, and I think by now that people who still hold grudges against Spiral wont change their mind, even after telling them your truth a million times.

They are lost customers. seek new ones and keep the ones you already have satisfied.
Talk more about ambitions and dreams about the future, and less about past mistakes.
Lizard 2014年3月2日下午12:15 
I still think it's better to get the truth out there. Where ever I go to talk about video games and there's a thread about this game, there are always people proclaiming that the Dev is a hack who stole money, assets, fired his team and ran off with the funding. Spreading the rumors like it's truth without reading into it.

Explaination from the Dev I think holds more ground than baseless rumors, but there's always people who will say that "everybody lies". I think that getting the story out will help ease the spread of rumors and get that flak off of his back and possibly promote more sale revenue in the process for future funding.
PRAZ  [开发者] 2014年3月2日下午12:42 
We don't look at any customer or person as lost and we believe they are owed the story and not to be confused by so many missing pieces of elements.
PRAZ  [开发者] 2014年3月2日下午12:43 
It's also very important to show just how far we are willing to go to support or games and communities. We will deliver on our promise - whatever it takes.
Zed 2014年3月2日下午12:51 
I'm glad we share the same first name. You and your company are an inspiration.
LiL CougarCS93 2014年3月2日下午1:05 
Focus on your Kickstarter project. Show people more. I want to contribute and want to have their achievement in the game :D 56 days is a long time, but who knows.
A1Sauce 2014年3月2日下午1:53 
lol or they can focus whatever the eff they want to considering they do nothing but take care of us. the story deserves to be heard. dont b rude
A1Sauce 2014年3月2日下午1:53 
very interestin read. thanks for sharin
H4uZ 2014年3月17日上午6:45 
I must say, I'm one of the people who played and watched the original game. It was horrible, and when I saw this game had changed name I thought it was another WarZ-like move, to run away from bad press and bait some purchases.
When this game was on sale a few weeks back, I purchased a 4-pack as a troll buy (like everyone who buys Bad Rats to his friends on every sale) and gifted them to my friends.
While the game still has some cheap UI/Menus/Sounds/Animations, It was nothing like the game I had seen before, and it was actually fun! I was surprised and so I did some digging.
It really made me happy to see the game had been updated with free patches and new content, all for free and that the dev team was quite close to the comunity and pretty aproachable.
While the game isn't something I would rush my friends to buy, it shows promisse. And seeing the Devs commitment, all updates being free and seeing how nice and close this nishe comunity has got, it made me keep the game installed and keeping a close watch on updates and the forum.
Keep the good work up, and this game might become the vision you always had, and eventually, people will understand that.
TAOS 2014年3月17日上午7:00 
引用自 Polar Bear
Keep the good work up, and this game might become the vision you always had, and eventually, people will understand that.
Yep, all eyes are on Phase3 ORION:Prelude which will come out on 4Q2014. Well and the Kickstarter Project though.
happy 2014年6月5日下午3:35 
talk about hard times.... glad to see you decided to stick with it instead of give up. :)
PR0XIDIAN 2014年6月10日下午5:59 
I seriously am amazed. Bought a 4 pack at launch and had a lot of issues. I forgot about the game until now because I have nearly 1200 steam games. I fired it up again because of the sale, and it seems like all my old issues were fixed! Glad to see active servers. Rock on Spiral studios! Can't wait to see what is in store next.
Nightwolf 2014年6月21日上午2:26 
Good story for a just Killing Floor re-skin... :(
最后由 Nightwolf 编辑于; 2014年6月21日上午2:26
wow i already had a lot of respect for you guys but now i have so much more
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