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White Rabbit Games - Tom  [developer] Aug 25 @ 6:19am
Desert Skies Roadmap
Welcome to the Desert Skies Roadmap.

As an Early Access game our roadmap is open to change. We've already changed things based on feedback, so let us know your ideas for new features and which things are most important to you!

This roadmap is not exhaustive, there are a few features we're keeping under wraps because we're still thinking them over or we want to surprise you.

We wish we could work on everything at once, but we must prioritise for each update. One big feature or several smaller ones? Do we advance the story, the combat, the non-combat, the crafting, the decorations, etc.? We want to balance our work around all of the game's areas.

First up - Next Major Update (Airship Control)
In the next major patch, we will be giving you control of your airship, adding distinct biomes to the desert, and reworking the gameplay loop.

By building an engine, propeller and ship's wheel you will be able to direct your flight across the desert. To make that control meaningful we are upgrading the world generator to support more distinct biomes. We're also reworking the core gameplay to take advantage of airship control and biomes. We talk more about these improvements here.

These are tasks we regularly work on.
  • More locations
  • More NPCs (traders, quest-givers, story-based).
  • More story elements at locations.
  • More airship furniture / platforms.
  • More collectable decorations.
  • Bug fixes, tweaks, performance optimisation and general quality of life improvements.
  • Seekers able to bash down doors.
  • New variants of seeker, such as a poisonous one that spits goo at you.
  • New enemy types for new biomes.
  • New weapons, including rifle, shotgun, explosives, melee weapons and a bow and arrow.
  • A revolver upgrade system, where you can craft improved revolver parts (barrel, trigger, hammer, frame) for combat bonuses.
  • A craftable item that scares the seeker away.
  • Another combat rework tweaking enemy behaviour, difficulty and gun feel.
  • Improve the seeker showdown fight to feel more like a boss fight. Add a second boss fight for the end of the second desert biomes, and an end-game boss fight.
We want to add variety to each location so that each time you land at one you won’t know quite what to expect.
  • Alternate versions of locations, such as deserted, with enemies waiting in ambush, populated by NPCs, and special quest versions.
  • Treasure hunts. Follow clues and maps then dig in the right spot to find buried loot.
  • Traps that make noise (like the gravel), damage you (like a bear trap) or have other negative consequences (like patches of quicksand).
  • Locked doors / containers with the key hidden in the location.
  • Side quests.
  • Random layouts, such as alternate buildings in a town or tunnels in a cave.
  • A desert made up of unique biomes, with more added over time so that you can fly further west.
  • Points of Interest in the biomes. These are like mini locations that you can optionally stop at for a bit of extra loot.
  • Some animals you can hunt for food, including the current bird.
  • Day and night cycle.
  • More resources to harvest! Like sand, agave plants, gunpowder, copper and buried loot mounds.
  • More tools to use! Such as a shovel for harvesting sand and digging buried loot mounds, a tap for harvesting water from cacti, and a dowsing rod to help find items.
  • More workstations to build! A gunsmith for creating and upgrading guns. A grindstone for sharpening tools. A still for distilling alcohol. Pots and growing plots for growing crops.
  • Differences between the tool types, such as stone tools will degrade over time and break while iron tools will blunt over time and need sharpening.
  • A spyglass tool, so you can get a closer look at things from the air.
  • Shoes that improve your movement speed and silence your footsteps.
  • A holster to let you quickdraw your revolver.
  • A bandolier for a dedicated bullet inventory.
  • A buildable propeller engine and helm (ship’s wheel on a stand) for flying the airship.
  • Improvements to the airship experience including an easy means of getting back aboard your airship (probably a rope ladder), a hover option for safely working on your airship without missing anything, a lever you can build anywhere for ascending / descending without having to run up to the burner, and we’re looking at a way of automatically harvesting desert resources from the airship.
  • Some interactive things you can build on your airship for entertainment during flight. Throw stones at a bucket basketball hoop that keeps your lifetime score, toss darts at a dartboard, change the music at a piano, etc.
  • More structures to build including new platform / wall types, doors, windows and trapdoors.
  • Cosmetic customisation for your balloon and a new flag.
  • Co-op play.
  • Controller support.
  • Localisation to other languages.
  • Creative Mode - explore the world with zero-cost crafting / building and no dangers to hurt you.
  • Full in-game input customisation.
  • Complete in-game settings for graphics and sound.
  • Improving the crafting / building experience now that we have a lot more recipes to choose from.
  • New game customisation. Instead of selecting a default mode (Normal, Hard, Exploration) you will be able to tweak the game settings for your own experience. Things like enemy difficulty, survival harshness, how plentiful the loot is, etc will all be options you can disable or set yourself.
These ideas aren’t on the roadmap but are ones we’re thinking about or would like to work on if we can.
  • Bandits. Human enemies that you can find at locations to fight instead of creatures.
  • Pirate airships with ship to ship combat.
  • Pets, either just aboard your airship or even following you around locations.
  • Sandstorms.
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Pirate airships and bandits would be soooo cool . (And pets too)
You are doing excellent work keep doing like that !!
Looking forward to the Airship steering update! Wouldn't mind being able to upgrade the airship as well, (Support bigger loads and stuff maybe? I dunno)
Loving the game, keep it up!
Wgairborne Aug 26 @ 11:34pm 
Please add item splitting! It would make my guide so much easier to update.
BeuLs Sep 5 @ 11:19am 
Originally posted by PLAYGAME294:
Pirate airships and bandits would be soooo cool . (And pets too)
You are doing excellent work keep doing like that !!

Grim Owl Sep 13 @ 2:21pm 
And what about coop? You wrote, that it will be one of your first major goals, but it isn't even in roadmap. I am all confused now)
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