Cold War Game

Cold War Game

1.7Gb update ;-)
:-) wonder whats new?
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J_MACK_ Apr 21 @ 4:15pm 
i believe its an improved armour penetration system
Early Access Beta 1.3.0

- New game map
- New Full Dynamic lighting system
- Dynamic time of day
- Game UI fully refactored
- All Missions were refactored

Gameplay Changes
- Changed aiming system for units
- Changed vehicle behaviour under attack
- Tuned guns stabilizers
- All weapons were rebalanced
- Updated armor for several units
- Fixed units visibility in towns
- Tuned AA guns accuracy for ground and air targets
- Tuned vulterability of infantry in buildings

User Interface
- Updated LOS (Line of sight/ line of aiming) for the untis, now it shows what blocks the shooting
- Added landscape heights representation (using ALT button)
- Ammo for enemy units is hidden

- New items on the game map

- added tracks of vehicles over fields
- updated shooting FX

Bug Fixes
- units shaking in deployment mode when placing them
- damage icons disappear sometimes
- Camera shaking problems
- weapon transfer on Soldier death
- Some bugs with reinforcements
- Friendly fire for Artillery
- Updated ATGM shooting
- Tuned shooting at buildings using different weapons
- Bugs with aiming
- Landscape texture blinking
- Victory/lost window was not blocking input
Thanks nice to see and another download today :-) More Soviet training missions please ;-)
Its good to se that this game isent dieng
TAPOO Apr 26 @ 2:12am 
So there's no way I can play this game, man?
When, where, and how to buy it. (;´д`)ゞ
If you already have the game then turn on beta. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until it comes out of the embargo.
how can I gain access to the game?
Peirof Apr 27 @ 10:53am 
where i can obtain the BETA?
If you have the game just go manage in steam and allow beta
More updates :-)
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