The Walsingham Files - Chapter 1

The Walsingham Files - Chapter 1

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jenn Mar 31 @ 7:57am
I need a nudge in the right direction.
Okay so I am at the school and i have the 2008 records. I know that one of the victims must be a junior in 2008 to have graduated in 2009, but I'm not sure where to go from there.
Wondering if the Cohen twins are significant, wondering how this connects to the storage units.
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jenn Mar 31 @ 1:37pm 
update, the crime scene said that at least one of them was jewish, that will help ID a vic because the dietary restrictions are in the records right?
Silvertail  [developer] Mar 31 @ 3:24pm 
Hi Jenn,

Definitely going the right direction. Here is a little nudge to keep you going:

You're very close now. Definitely the right direction as we are sure at least one of the victims was Jewish. Don't want to take the fun away from you so I'll give as little a clue as necessary. Remember the note you found in Camp Revere? Cross reference that to the class list of Juniors from 2008.

Hope that helps!

jenn Mar 31 @ 3:59pm 
You're doing a great job stumping me.. There isn't a match in the note to any students...
Silvertail  [developer] Mar 31 @ 8:02pm 
Admittedly that was a bit minimal. I'll give a bigger clue here:

Given the casual nature of the note (it wasn't signed so the victim knew exactly who it came from purely through context) then it's fair to assume that whoever wrote it knew the victim pretty well. Well enough to use someone else's birthday (somebody they both knew) as the code to their storage unit. You've checked the Cohen twins but there is another Jewish person in that class, why don't you go and look at the entire school record and see if there is someone else that you know they know for sure.

I think that one isn't too excessive haha.
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jenn Apr 1 @ 2:54pm 
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jenn Apr 1 @ 3:09pm 
I honestly can't tell if I'm going the wrong direction or actually have the mental capacity of a brick. If it's the latter, I'm confused as to how I made it through school. I can't get the 4-digit code, even though I've taken the above clues to heart. Here's the info I've got:
The dead dude is Jeffrey Goldberg, brother to Alexandra Goldberg. The girl they're talking about, the "Lexie", is Lexie Berkowic, whose birthday is 01/10/1992 . Because none of these names have storage units tied to them, the storage unit is either Pendleton B which belongs to John Bringham or Franklin C which belongs to Keith Jacob Smith. (This is from the Bringham-Smith header of the note).
But even though I've got those clues, I can't figure out the code. I've tried the last year of the birthday, the day and the last 2 digits of the last year, the month and then the last 2 digits, the day and then the month, the month and then the day, etc. I can't figure out if I just don't know how birthdays work or if I'm barking up the wrong tree. Can I get a hand?
Silvertail  [developer] Apr 28 @ 4:39pm 
Hi Whimsy,

Ok, so you've done well to work out that the male victim is Jeffrey Goldberg and that his sister is Alexandra Goldberg. As many people know, "Lexie" is a common nickname for people called Alex or Alexandra. So that's really the correct lead to follow. You're also correct in working out which storage unit(s) are the the right ones to investigate. You're definitely not barking up the wrong tree. Now with those two facts confirmed I think you should be able to "break in".

Hope you've enjoyed the game so far!
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