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@Devs, Please Fix the Colored Candle Puzzle
Devs, please fix the colored candles puzzle in chapter 3. This is far more confusing than it needs to be. Here are some things that should be addressed:

  • When you say "Left Of" or "Right Of" you have to indicate whether you mean while standing inside the circle or outside the circle.
  • When you say "Across From" it's really not clear if you mean across from in degrees or across the connecting lines of the pentagram.
  • It is incredibly frustrating that the lighter doesn't actually light and doesn't do anything until the candles are in the correct order. This makes the game seem broken. Please find another way to deal with this mechanic. Having the candles blow out if they're not in the right location would be better than the current behavior.
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OnSkull Developer  [developer] May 6 @ 11:18am 

That does make sense, I guess since the first candle is already placed and there is no way to look at it from the "outside", this issue didn't come up.

As far as the lighter is concerned, this might be a bit more complicated to change. We understand where you are coming from but we were having bugs appear when not locking the position of the candles first.

We will look into it for the next patch.

Thank you,
OnSkull Games
FYI, I had no problems understanding the instructions for placing the candles. I got it correct right away
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Showing 1-2 of 2 comments
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