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About Linux/SteamOS Support
I just read in linuxgameconsortium ( ) that your game has a very big chance of having Linux / SteamOS support. The game is developed with Unity3D, so it's easier than usual to get it. How many possibilities do we have to finally have support?
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jmarole  [developer] Apr 10 @ 7:42am 
Hi Leillo,

Thank you for the interest you 're giving to the game.
The answer i will give you is the same i've gave to the consortium. I will make it ! I will just have to verify if all the APIs are compatible with Linux. But at first glance, this is the case.

But, i will be honest with you on one point. I'm not able to verify if i will be compatible with all linux "providers"... Debian, Ubuntu etc...

If you have any experience on this topic, feel free to give me your suggestions.

Read you soon !!
I'm glad to read your words!!! Thanks a lot for your efforts

About porting to Linux, I'm not a developer, but I think you should focus on developing your game thinking in the latest LTS of Ubuntu and Debian, and making it clear that you support oficially ONLY those distros as do almost all developers who port their games to Linux. This point will save you going crazy giving support to every distro out there. This point has been the cause of some developers giving up on supporting Linux gaming. Support Ubuntu and Debian because the first one has many other distributions that are based on it, as well as debian. Besides SteamOS is based on Debian too. It is important that you check that the game works correctly with the open source AMD drivers (included by default on the Linux distros) and the NVIDIA proprietary drivers.
As a general rule the rest of the distributions will work correctly. You also have the advantage that the Linux user community is very prone to help solve problems and bugs by themselves, so I wouldn't worry about it.
I would pay special attention that the game works properly with controllers and steering wheels. On the first the most popular controller is XBOX, and in wheels, the only brand with adequate support in Linux is Logitech (G920, G29, G27, DFGT).
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