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Trying to use more than 4 active abilities
Hello, does anyone knows a way to configure the fancy controller settings that steam has so I can use more than 4 abilities?
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Rune Jul 13 @ 6:14am 
Kind of, it's a bit of a kludge though.

Your most often used actives set via controller, then what you do is use the mouse and keyboard to enter the screen where you set your active abilities. Anything else you want to use should be placed as buttons 5 and up.

The first four are the ones that correspond to buttons 1-4 on the keyboard, obviously, and also the four face ability use buttons. the other six are 5-10, and you should basically place all the toggle on and forget abilities on the far right side.

[It's drag and drop, not click and drop, and it's a bit finicky]

then when you need to use one of the not-four main actives, quickly reach over and double tap 5, 6, or 7, corresponding to the one power you want to use.

You have to double tap because a single tap just makes the game first recognize and switch you M&K detection, the second tap activates said ability.


I have no ♥♥♥♥ing idea why they didn't just set a state change instead. The devs could have easily used the triggers;
left trigger - first set of four
right trigger = second set of four
both triggers = last two abilities set,
plus one button hard coded to activate reckoning mode and one button hard coded to something else that was formerly on the triggers, I guess.

I love this game, but it really could have used some UI and QOL refinement and polish, and someone with a better understanding of how to maximize the use of a controller to design it's controller interfacing.
Alepsis Jul 13 @ 4:37pm 
Thanks for the input, the thing is that I usually connect my pc to my TV and play on the couch, so the keyboard is usually away from me.
Ticoro Jul 16 @ 9:01am 
[It's drag and drop, not click and drop, and it's a bit finicky]

How do I drag and drop from the keyboard? I dont see an option to release mouse cursor to do this. What I am wanting to do is change what actions are used with XYAB contoller actions
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