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kasmeltz  [developer] Mar 10 @ 6:58pm
Rodent Warriors development roadmap
Hi everyone,

We want to share our road map for future development. If there are features that you would like to see developed before others then please let us know. We love to hear feedback about the game including new ideas and / or problems, so let us know about those too. We have already incorporated many ideas from people who are playing the game.

Here are the main goals for each version. We will also be adding more artwork, enemies, and smaller game play ideas, and those will be sprinkled in as they are completed.

v 0.3.5
Gameplay balance including hero skills, enemy stats, etc.

v 0.4

v 0.5
Auto play options will be moved into the mobile device and become "Strategy". You will be able to define when and how the Heroes use their skills, what stats to increase when levelling up, what types of items you want to keep.

v 0.6
A digital manual explaining all gameplay will be added to the mobile menu.
A pantheon of "fallen Heroes" will be added.

v 0.7
The story, which will be told through the quest dialogues will finally be written. The idea is to have many story events that can occur through multiple NPC characters, and these will change every time you reincarnate.

v 0.8
Proper joystick support

v 0.9
A leaderboard that will appear in-game and on the website.

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Thanks and keep having fun!

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