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Couple Questions
In the game description on the home page it says the game is idle, what part of the game is considered idle? Everything so far in the game seems like it needs an action required by the player. Also I am confused how the end of runs work, it says every time you die you are supposed to get stronger the next run after that & so forth. I don't see this happening or the difference is so minuscule it is not noticeable. How is it that you actually get stronger exactly? For instance if on my 1st run I was doing an average of 5-10 damage per hit, I would expect to see that number increase next run, same as for taking damage, if I was taking again say 5-10 damage on average, I would expect that number to decrease the next run & so forth.
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kasmeltz  [developer] Feb 19 @ 5:08pm 
Hi Joharassit,

First of all thank you for playing Rodent Warriors.

Second of all thank you for posting in the Community Discussion. We love hearing from people who are playing the game.

I will answer your questions as best as I can.

For me, the game is a cross between an idle game and an action RPG because the controls are simple. I have to admit that we have a hard time classifying exactly what category the game is in. We are still in Early Access and can change this description if it doesn't really fit with the game. We definitely value your opinion and will see if we should change that description.

As for the reincarnation progression system, throughout a Quest you collect 'Orbs' by defeating Boss monsters. Those are the ones whose faces appear on the mini map. When you reincarnate, you gain permanent stats based on the number of Orbs you collected and what type of Rodent you were playing.

Mouse - Permanent Dexterity
Beaver - Permanent Intelligence
Porcupine - Permanent Strength
Capybara - Permanent Vitality
Rat - Permanent Skill Levels
Weasel - Permanent Item Crafting Levels

So based on your example, your Weapon Damage would automatically increase when you play and reincarnate as a Porcupine. Of course, Skills and Items also contribute to your damage, but I'm talking about the Weapon Damage based on your raw Strength.

The game is still in Early Access. One thing I am hearing from you is that maybe the game is too hard. We are making updates every few days and over time, we promise that the difficulty level will sort itself out to a reasonable level. In fact one thing we are thinking of doing is giving the game different difficulty levels so that the challenge can be easier or harder, but we have yet to implement this feature. Thanks for reminding me about it though as we now might make it more of a priority.

We can't thank you enough for playing Rodent Warriors. Please keep us updated on your progress and comments and we promise to do our best to make the game better.


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