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How to unblock all characters?
Do anyone know what condition you need to finish to unblock all characters? I can not unblock last two of them and can not find information how to do so.
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kasmeltz  [developer] Feb 10 @ 7:24am 
Hi Sebastian.

Thanks for playing! And thanks for the comment.

Also thank you for your patience. The game is in Early Access and is only going to get better! :) :)

I am releasing a version in the next half an hour that will have more specific information in the help window on the Rodent Select screen.

In order to unlock new characters you need to get to a certain level with another hero in the game.

To unlock Beaver => Reach level 5 with a mouse
To unlock Porcupine => Reach level 10 with a Beaver
To unlock Capybara => Reach level 15 with a Porcupine
To unlock Rat => Reach level 20 with a Capyabara
To unlock Weasel => Reach level 25 with a Rat

Hope that answers your question.

Thanks again and keep playing and commenting.

kasmeltz  [developer] Feb 10 @ 7:53am 
Hi Sebastian,

Just for you (and anyone else who might be having the same question), we have released a new version that shows the details in the Help menu on the Rodent Select screen.

Thanks again for your feedback and keep the comments coming!

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