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Sunny Sep 2, 2021 @ 10:48am
Totally Reliable Changelog
2nd of September 2021 - Version 2.03.03
  • Fix hay bales
  • Fix DLC areas being respawnable in Free Play even if not DLC
  • Fix some vehicles still being locked in Free Play
  • Localization for Steam review modal
  • Prevent some random ghosts from still being able to knock you out (Fall season)
  • Free Play Mode
    - New mode with all zones, deliveries, and vehicles unlocked! No need to progress, just vibes
    - Players can’t earn money, gain achievements, or place in the leaderboard. It’s the fair thing to do for the longtime players
    - Online server for Free Play indicated by the bear icon
  • Progression Mode
    - Zones, deliveries, and vehicles must be unlocked through playing. This mode is the same as it’s been since Totally Delivered launched
    - Players can still earn money, gain achievements, and place in the leaderboard
    - Online server for Progression Mode indicated by the package icon
  • 🏁 Hustle Bounce Event
    - Footrace against your friends across the tops of the Hustle Beach hotels using trampolines!
  • 🍂Fall Seasonal Changes
  • More objects can be attached to vehicle hooks
  • New network tab in pause menu
  • Ban list and unban implementation
  • Informative modal for when you’ve been banned
  • Trampoline physics changes
  • Increase rocket car durability at low velocity
  • Downtown Drive Down start and finish images
  • Default settings now correctly resets graphics
  • Ambient Occlusion disabled on Low graphics setting
  • Catapult physics changes
  • Respawn improvements
  • Higher tailgate on mule vehicle to help with deliveries
  • Grab indicators hidden in local play join screen
  • Customization automatically saved when exiting customization
  • Correct location icons for Hovercraft Derby and Booster Club
  • Shop can now be used by multiple people at once
  • Photo mode bug fixed where camera was pointing at the ground
  • Vehicle paint shop bug fixed where the first object in a category is selected every time a skin is equipped
  • Sun machine bug fixed where sky colors were wrong when joystick moved to the right
  • Hovercraft Derby bug fixed where platform rotations appeared glitchy for online clients
  • Fire extinguisher bug fixed where spray would be visible for a few seconds after explosion
  • Graphics issue fixed for event "Waiting for Host" UI prompt
  • Explosive barrels on Cyberfunk fixed
  • Graphics issue fixed for body type 2 pants
  • More localizations
  • Chair colliders improved
  • A single cake

29th of July 2021 - version 2.02.02
  • macOS Release - T.R.D.S. v2 finally on Macs!
  • Tutorial - Get a Totally Reliable training session by running through our warehouse course before you hit the real streetz
  • Updated Main Menu Flow - Play Local / Play Online / Tutorial
  • Boost to the Beach (New Rocket Car Rally Event) - Race others in the challenging & fast rocket car from GASA to Hustle Beach
  • Joystick HUD Visualizer - On-screen interface to help visually teach our Totally Reliable joystick interactions (Always on in Tutorial and toggle in Settings for switching on in main game)
  • Hook - Hook attachment on helicopter and biplane for securing packages and various other objects while in flight
  • Character Strength Improvement - Strength now builds over time, resulting in the character being twice as strong as before
  • Fireworks! - Interactable object that is only available around map during Summer time
  • Ping Deliveries - Find the location of deliveries/events in game through pinging it in the Leaderboards pause menu tab
  • Force Run toggle preference saved between sessions
  • Hovercraft Derby rotating platforms physics improved
  • Hovercraft Derby and Booster Club can no longer be started if a game event is already active
  • Wrong password modal notification when unsuccessfully entering a server with a password
  • If Best Region is picked, show which region was automatically selected once you are connected to the network
  • Make dropdown selection for controllers more bold
  • Photo mode rotation and camera sensitivity updates
  • Indicators/tracking icons for additional packages in multi-package deliveries
  • Event marker notification logic updates
  • Remove delivery end map marker when you end or cancel a delivery and also refresh the map icons if you cancel
  • Fix players not being able to lift arms while host is chatting (typing in chat box)
  • Fix large amount of unlock sounds when clients join a server
  • Fix smoke particle effect at downtown spawn when client grappling
  • Redundant exit modal no longer used for in-game customize shop
  • Stop event triggers from starting if player 1's Hide Hud is active
  • Chat box can no longer show up invisibly while HUD is turned off (causing player to not be able to control anything but there's no indication that the chat box is open)
  • Character customizer reverts to select items after moving mouse off of hovered-over/previewed items or when moving to different tabs
  • Skin tones in local menu now save so they don’t get reverted
  • Hair colorizing fix for Steampunk outfit facial hair
  • Fix Cyberpunk cosmetic outfit on body type 2 in main menu
  • Red pants bleed fix
  • Fix Settings > Controls not defaulting to correct controller and control scheme
  • Stop vehicle and delivery lock crates from spawning in a DLC area when a DLC is locked
  • Fix text going out of container bounds for rally events in some languages
  • No more lock boxes for Stunt Sets’ garage
  • Fixes for if you start a local game without a player in player one slot
  • Fix bug with multiple players triggering first checkpoint in rally events
  • Bug fixes for when clients join a server with an event already running

24th of June 2021 - version 2.01.09
  • New Key binding feature,
  • Mouse & Keyboard vehicle/right hand joystick controls greatly improved,
  • Leaderboard are at the end of rally events,
  • Hook mechanism for placing packages on helicopters and some forklifts,
  • New Steampunk Outfit,
  • Breakable arrow signs,
  • Notifications reduced at top center of screen when in rally event,
  • Adjustments to controls diagrams for readability,
  • Fix helmet persisting invincibility bug,
  • Fix hair/hats not refreshing after losing helmet,
  • Fix bug where online guest players lose wings but still can fly,
  • Fix issue with outfits reverting when trying to apply outfits using mouse,
  • Reduce Dumpster Cart engine audio by 40%,
  • Reduce metal sign clank by 40% and all vehicle impact SFX by 20%,
  • The respawn button in map no longer toggles run when online,
  • Fix pause menu opening when closing wizard dialog with ESC,
  • Removed collision from pinwheels,
  • Stop stop signs from popping up a little when getting near them,
  • Remove vehicle flipper mechanic from helicopter,
  • Many more localizations.

9th of June 2021 - version 2.01.03
  • Respawn from pause menu now also available during a race,
  • Updated screenshots for the new rally event modals,
  • Fixed an issue with the paint shop that was causing skins to revert,
  • Cool Your Jets New Rally Event - Jetski race at Cheek's Crest (N.W. corner),
  • Buggy Around New Rally Event - Buggy race at Sunset Beach (S.W. near wizard),
  • Tour de Tornado Rally Event is now two lapses long
  • Starting positions for Rally Events are now randomized/shuffled,
  • Reduce background noise network bandwidth consumption for sleeping race obstacles,
  • Race checkpoint colliders have been adjusted,
  • Slowed player rotation while walking for more precise maneuverability,
  • Reduce camera assist left/right target angle corrections for better control,
  • Left/right deadzone improvements for jetski and land vehicles,
  • Water ramp boosts now add force over time instead of only all at once,
  • Players no longer ungrapple from jetski when landing after a jump.

4th of May 2021 - version 2.00.112
  • Location-based achievements can now be (re)done if an earlier attempt failed to record properly.
  • The vehicle enter assist no longer goes off more than needed for online guest players.
  • Revamped the whole character respawn system to reduce frame drops when a player respawns, or a new player arrives in the game.
  • Talking to the wizard will now work properly when playing as a guest player on an online server.
  • Updated the « Secret code » input field localization and spacing.
  • Various character cosmetic fixes.
  • Made some changes on the Palm tree collider.
  • The password menu will not lose focus anymore due to auto-refresh of the server list.
  • Added a UI canvas optimization for local and online games.
  • Fixed colliders for non-playable characters when playing as a guest player on an online server.
  • Fixed controls in the tutorial pop-up completion phase when playing as a guest player on an online server.
  • Fixed an issue with the « Hide UI » toggle in Photo Mode.
  • Fixed an issue related to purchasing items in the character shop.
  • Fixed an issue with double-click for pings on the in-game map.
  • Fixed the join room hanging after joining and leaving a password protected server.
  • Fixed clipping on lock crates.
  • The host can now interact with wizards even though a client is in the wizard panel already.
  • Fixed an issue with initial tutorial tips being hidden when they should not be.
  • Fixed an issue with grab prompt icons not being visible in initial tutorial tips.
  • Initial tutorial tips are now also displayed when playing as a guest player on an online server.
  • Launching a local game, dropping out, and joining a « Quick Start » game will no longer crash the game.
  • Equipping an item in the customization menu will no longer readjust the scroll bar.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not use the chat box after going to the shop.
  • Fixed an online bug where players could not move back or left upon joining a server.
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Sunny Sep 2, 2021 @ 10:48am 
26th of April 2021 - version 2.00.101
  • Canceling the dialog box in the cosmetics shop will no longer disable shop control.
  • Leaving the cosmetics shop after having bought a new vehicle skin will no longer make characters spawn at the vehicle shop.
  • Additional photo mode text has been localized in all supported languages.
  • Added a toggle in the settings panel to allow deactivation of the controller rumble.
  • Fixed Sunset Beach respawn which would make characters respawn at Stunt Set Island instead.
  • Some area names avec been localized on the in-game map.
  • In-game map area names have been moved to the top layers of the map.
  • Red padlocks on locked zones have been changed for purple padlocks indicating where the wizard is situated.
  • On zone un-lock the padlock correctly changes to « unlocked » status on the map and the fog is withdrawn from that area on the map as well.
  • Leaving the paint shop for a second time will not longer disable paint shop control.

19th of April 2021 - version 2.00.093
  • Increased the delay at which the respawn button reactives in order to prevent "respawn spam",
  • The DLC prompt for the "Dress Code" DLC works again for people using a keyboard and mouse,
  • Vehicle skin changes initiated by the host of a server are now reflected for everyone on the server,
  • The draw bridge height is now synced correctly for clients when they enter the game,
  • Fixed an issue with teddy bears not being collectible (for the achievement),
  • Turned off the Prism effect on camera entirely when playing on the two lowest graphics settings,
  • Fixed several "Free Cam" UI issues when playing on a "small" screens/aspect ratios,
  • Added commands prompts to know ones /version & /supported while in game,
  • The GASA cargo helicopter has been unstuck,
  • Columns and shop collider have been fixed,
  • Delivery completion rewards do not spawn again if that reward already exists in the world,
  • Fixed several minor localization issues.

12th of April 2021 - version 2.00.081
  • Vertical Split Screen (vs horizontal) is now set by default for local play. A toggle is also available in the camera panel of the in-game settings menu in order to switch back to horizontal.
  • Improved the vehicle entry assistance to make it feel more easy to use
  • Made getting on board some specific vehicles easier (Cargo helicopter, pickup, duckboat etc.)
  • New players now need to go through the tutorial indication before they can unlock the first zone
  • Suppressed the event system input selection to stop mouse from taking over input field
  • Small changes in the "Join Game" to make it fit all the more "lengthy" languages
  • Fixed several bugs with player controls which were linked to the active chatbox
  • The arms do not wiggle anymore when online messaging is open
  • Fixed an issue linked to the large rectangular crates which not was syncing correctly with the clients of a hosted server
  • The material of the cannon material has been updated for more visibility in reduced light
  • Several terrain fixes such as Cheek's Crest terrain/rock wall and Hustle's Beach rockwall
  • Reduced the occurrence of the notification about the garage unlock
  • Fixed the Cyberfunk sedan colliders
  • Fixed an issue with the camera clipping in Cheek’s Crest graveyard
  • Tweaks to hovercraft windshield colliders so joystick does not get stuck in it anymore

8th of April 2021 - version 2.00.072
  • Fixed an issue related to some players not being able to see the delivery boxes appear
  • Added an error log error if there are bad challenges when spawning objects for a delivery
  • Increased the serialization rate by ~45% for our network in order to reduce input lag
  • If the host of a game has medium quality (orange/yellow) the FPS counter will now make assess the server as medium rather than rounding it up
  • Added a control to verify that host/client load playerOptions from index 0 instead of from the index of the order they joined as client. This should fix the situations when a setting appears as checked on while it actually isn't.
  • Prevent photo mode from overriding camera culling settings after exiting photo mode
  • Photo mode no longer messes with hide hud player options and properly resets when exiting photo mode
  • Fixed a local multiplayer UI issue which made the photo mode unusable
  • Stunt sets NPC and delivery acceptor positions have been fixed
  • Building topper have been removed from Cyberfunk City and moved to Stunt Sets Islands
  • The GASA rockwall has been plugged

5th of April 2021 - version 2.00.06
  • Using the "Quick Join" in order to join an online game in your region will now select only servers that have a good health status.
  • The vehicle entry assistance feature will now be deactivated automatically if you are currently grabbing an object such as a box or another player.
  • Fixed an issue which would display an infinite loading screen when joining a server.
  • Updated the UI animations on the Hosting menu which was not working as intended for some players.
  • Fixed an issue in which repeated quick succession respawns would cause strong server lag.
  • Updated the spawn area of the Booster Club Arena cars wich were bein spawned 5ft off the ground.

4th of April 2021 - version 2.00.053
  • Fixed an issue in which the server list would go back to the top at refresh, making it difficult to reach server at the bottom of the list.
  • The server health bar as been moved to the left of the server name in order to differentiate it more clearly from the amount of players

3rd of April 2021 - version 2.00.05
  • Added a server health indicator. This indicator will display 1 to 4 health bars depending on the quality of the server that are available. The quality of the server is defined by the ping of the host server combined with yours as well as the FPS of the server host. We then use those two metrics to try and identify what will the quality of your experience be on that server, 1 being low and 4 good.
  • We took additional steps towards reducing input lag by lowering the online visual smoothing parameter
  • We added a default "Best Region" option from the server region dropdown list. Selecting this option will automatically direct you towards servers located in the region the closest to you/with the lowest ping. Please note that if you are hosting a game you can find the "Best Region" in which you are hosting by going the "Host" options from the in-game.
  • We removed some rapid key shortcuts that were switching control scheme layouts/unlocking zones without player knowledge.
  • Fixed several issues reported in regards to controls dropping/Simple controls & other option toggling

3rd of April 2021 - version 2.00.04
  • Input lag decreased by reducing the degree of online visual smoothing (this change will be visible to players on an online server, not hosts, and might affect some players more than others)
  • Added a depth of field setting to turn it on/off so as to reduce the depth of field.
  • Character limits set on server names
  • Prevent ability to created multiple clones of players in the local join screen
  • Prevent photo mode when in cutscene
  • Fix scaling issues with map screen and pause screen
  • Fix the three blimp deliveries not having package acceptor on the blimp
  • Fix issue with hovercraft derby and garage spawners spawning vehicles locally and not through photon
  • Put garages on the ground
  • Fix graphical bug in the character shop with the shoes tab

2nd of April 2021 - version 2.00.03
  • Players will now be able to change graphic settings while in-game. This will be a temporary fix for the lagging issue which partially stemmed from the host struggling to render the game for everyone.
  • Free camera mode issues that would send the camera into a spin have been fixed.
  • A bug with the terrain on GASA island has been fixed.

    Please try with the following two temporary fixes for the lag problem for now. We appreciate your patience and understanding!
    - For host: Lower graphics settings, or make sure a player with a beefier GPU does the hosting
    - Try Remote Play Together on Steam as that has been reflected as more stable by some players
Eltendo Aug 6, 2022 @ 5:59am 
can you make an option to turn back to the old beta faces
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