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Will there be a price drop for FoG 2 at release ?

Fact is that it is a little bit stiff if I have to buy everything at tthe same time to play the tactical battle as I should want it.

Will you have a sale for FoG 2 to allow FoG:E to buy the whole thing at a descent range price ?

Should I wait to buy FoG 2 ?
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Nats Apr 29 @ 12:46am 
They are different games and dont need to be connected but I would guess there will be a tempting discount on FoG2 when this new game comes out. I dont think you will need anything other than the basic FoG game as the expansions just provide campaigns and historical battles.

But if FoG2 has a good discount beforehand it would be worth picking it up, its a superb game in its own right, and the expansions are superb.
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I agree with Nats. FoG2 is a lot of fun and includes a lot of modded scenarios and campaigns.
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