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Can't use Skull staff
Man, this SP has bugs... In EP4 and CP, I can't use the Skull Staff. Also, Enemies (mostly the big One's) like the Stone Gargoyle behave ... weird.

There was a Fix on 5th of August, but since then, no major Patch has been released. (As far as my knowledge goes.

Sorry, I don't want to be mean, but the KeX engine was a not a good choice. Anyway, I will play it through for my Achievvies any way.

In an Post from May of 15th 2019 from, it read's the following: []Quite a bit of controversy about them merging the old GOG store page into the new one as well, though at least the DOS version is still included as an extra (so you can still use it for BloodGDX or NBlood). Feeling rather conflicted about all of this at the moment.[/qoute]

So, is this also possible in the Steam Version? There was a Thread with the same Question. "Can I use nBlood/BloodGDX?" Unfortunately, it disappeared. I have a back up of "One Unit, Whole Blood" from GOG+the original US Retail Release.

I know that this Question's were asked in the Past and someone told me that even a lil' Flamewar has taken Place. I won't ignite the Flame again, I just want Information? Is there Major Update on the way? The new CO-OP mode is pretty cool. ty

P.S. Don't know much about coding, only worked with GZDOOM & eDuke32 so far... So I'am not interested in a Discussion I've KeX was the right choice or not.
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VGA Oct 13 @ 5:37pm 
Hmm? Don't wait for a new Fresh Supply update, use BloodGDX and see which you prefer.
Enker-Zan Oct 14 @ 11:57am 
The only time glitches like that happen is when you are trying to run it on an outdated machine.
Ceekur Oct 14 @ 4:00pm 
Have you thrown down a life leech already? FS doesn't let you use two staves at once to prevent spam in multiplayer, but this was never bothered to be exempt in single player.
With the abbreviation "SP" I meant Source Port. I got it from an online friend, but he never played with me. So, I played it with my GF and our BFFL (Also female). Anyway... FS is the only way you can play it CO-OP. GDX and nBlood doesn't support it. When it comes to nBlood, make's me wonder why? I mean, we played Duke3D with eDuke32 (x64) and CO-OP worked wonderful. 2nd thingy is... Ma gf is an ACHV hunter. (Yey... I'am so excited 'bout the Ion Maiden CO-OP mode. Hope they never finish it for the sake of my sanity!) Yeah... When this is over, I'am gonna use nBlood again.

btw What you mean with "thrown down a life leech". I didn't know that you can throw weapons away (You can holster them -.-) But no. We can pick it up, but we can't select it.
Ceekur Oct 15 @ 5:36am 
Alternate fire puts it down like a turret
Originally posted by GERRhodesian:
FS is the only way you can play it CO-OP. GDX and nBlood doesn't support it.

This is simply a FALSE statement.
Both NBlood and BloodGDX supports coop.
>M@tEo$< Oct 15 @ 10:16am 
Use YANG with nBlood and voilà you can play online with your friends, just like EDuke32
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