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GrumpyOldMan Feb 14, 2014 @ 12:09am
Warning! Abandoned Software!
I've used the Demoversion to check out, if it fits into a professional Game Production Pipeline. My Answer? Let me cite Grumpy Cat: NO!
There are too many missing features I know from Maya ... or any other modelling tool I know. No Bend Modifier, no Smooth Edges, no Animation (ok, I knew this before), no single object export from the scene and --- much more important: No more support! The last forum entry was written in 2012. There are feature requests from 2006, that aren't implemented.
Yes, the interface is clear and the keysettings are very customizable. But there are so many obvious crashbugs ... in UV and Redo in special ... I'm saving after each step. And that's really disappointing. Paying 20€ would NEARLY be worth of it.... when you use Modelling only (and this is not the reality in the gamebusiness. Learn Blender and get the whole package with a great active community FOR FREE!!!
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I know professionals that use this in production and even myself so this is purely your opinion. It fits perfectlyinto a pipeline. It doesn't have all fo the amazing features of Maya but, you get what you pay for!

As for this Bend modifier you emtnion, what do you mean?

As in take a cylinder and bend it without having to manually move and rotate each edge, if this is so then all you need to do is activate soft mod selection is what its called in maya, and then select the edge(s) and rotate and it will affect the certecies or edges around the selection with a strength specified in the tool settings. Which is easy to use and works perfectly. The other things you mentioned are also possible within the software you just don't know how to do them so you're complaining about the software... If you knew of Blender before purchasing, why make the purchase?

As for not being updated, I'm pretty sure most users know that active development is non existent but it works fine as is for most of us, some people have that crash error which sucks but there is a demo available for it. The one complaint I would have is that the price recently increased, aside from this it was very worth the price and if you get it on the major sales at 50% off it will be the same price as before the increase.

This software is great for the price, you get a modelling package, UV tool sthat are good enough to be worth using and then the retopology features which have ONLY JUST been introduced to packages like Maya as of 2014 but have been in this for a while. Not to mention some basic sculpting which is pretty neat if you know how to use it but again not as good as something like Zbrush, Mudbox, 3D Coat or even blender but that is because its displacement sculpting and different in many ways.

As far as using Blender goes, not everyone is able to use it as well or learn it due to the complex interface or workings of the application, like myself I can use Maya to create high quality results but in Blender I am unable to get comfortable with the software to use it efficiently. So for people like that this is a very good solution that you can afford to use comercially, there is no reason that you could not interact with people on forums such as polycount, many artists there use a range of software and the community is truly amazing, there are resources out there still going for Silo2 My main thing I would warn people about is that you should try the demo before purchasing as some people have a little trouble with runnin gthe software on their machine and it crashes, In my experience Maya crashes on me more than Silo2!

So to anyone reading this, ignore the ignorace of the poster and look into it yourself for YOU, you can follow along with any modelling tutorial whilst using this software and its easy to use and navigate without being cluttered. Blender is a good solution and the BEST free one, but if you have trouble with that this may just save you.

There are so many optiosn out there though, there are free browser based modelling softwares that are pretty powerful there are other free software for modelling which are just as good in my opinion as blender some are even better at just modelling but Blender will allow you to do everything from modelling, rigging and animation the sculpting is actively changeing and being worked on and not up to scratch with other applications in my opinion but very usable and good enough to create nice things with :) good luck looking into things for yourself people... :)

Kind Regards
wburton Feb 27, 2014 @ 9:50pm 
If you are going non-commercial you can get a hold of some expensive programs for free. You can get a 3yr education edition for all Autodesk products, a free version of Houdini, xsi mod tool, and some others.

If you are going commercial you either save up 1k-4k, deal with blender's vomit ui, or buy outdated programs like hexagon, silo, and Carrara.

Its sad how the digital art world is over priced and under-developed.
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