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ShilohGames  [developer] Jan 17 @ 7:59pm
Roadmap (Upcoming Features)
This is the general planned schedule for the rollout of upcoming features in Allspace. This timetable will change, and I will update this discussion thread as needed.

January 2019 - Initial free launch of Allspace with 100 player solo deathmatch mode for Windows, Mac, and Linux

February-March 2019 - Make improvements to core features in deathmatch mode based on feedback

April-May 2019 - Release team deathmatch features and make improvements based on user feedback (implementing teams will include disabling friendly fire for teammates and adding voicechat support)

June 2019 - Launch team based game mode with multiple ship classes and team objectives to replace deathmatch mode

July-November 2019 - Improve team based game mode based on feedback

December 2019 - Transition from Early Access to Full Release

January 2020 - Release Allspace for other platforms, such as consoles

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Allspace > General Discussions > Topic Details