Тази игра получи зелена светлина от общността.

Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

Age Of Wushu
Spar 19 декември 2012 в 5:59 следобед
Age of Wushu = Age of Wulin?
If Wushu gets on Steam, does Wulin automatically qualify as well?
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Dark Neuron 20 декември 2012 в 7:18 следобед 
Its the same game. Wulin is just the Chinese version. But maybe thats what you meant?
Spar 21 декември 2012 в 7:03 сутринта 
No. Age of Wulin is the name of the European version. The only one called Wushu is the American version. Everyone else have the Wulin version. So I'm wondering if both the American and European version will qualify for Greenlight if Wushu makes it through.
Scream21 8 януари 2013 в 5:38 следобед 
wulin EU publisher version.and Wu Shu NA version from developer
[SD] killer124n 10 април 2013 в 12:46 сутринта 
age of wulin and wushu is completely different area's even publisher/style
ekamsul 1 юни 2013 в 5:18 следобед 
It is still not available on Steam ;(
Maze-Elwin 3 октомври 2013 в 12:32 сутринта 
Age of Wushu and Age of Wulin are the same game~ Wushu = NA, Wulin= EU. the name change cuz they didnt want players mixing the games up when looked up.
Stedios 10 октомври 2013 в 10:58 следобед 
i think its stupid to have two diff front ends, normally you have one and pick a server according to location, this just confuses the matter, and euro peeps wont be able to play this on steam perhaps?
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