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Zafehouse: Diaries
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Screwfly Studios  [Entwickler] 28. Nov. 2012 um 18:00 Uhr
Curious? Try the demo
If you're undecided, please give the demo a go!

It was recently updated to include all the bug fixes, tweaks and balance changes in the full version, so it's as close to the retail experience as you can get... without buying it, of course. :)

Get the Zafehouse: Diaries demo[www.zafehouse.com]

If you run into any issues, please consult our FAQ for solving common problems[forums.screwflystudios.com].

Note: The current demo is based of off v1.2.02 of the full game, released July 22, 2013.
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Terran 28. Nov. 2012 um 18:51 Uhr 
"Requires DirectX9" no thanks, I'll stick with my 11.
Screwfly Studios  [Entwickler] 28. Nov. 2012 um 18:56 Uhr 
Hey Davion_85,

Do you mind if I ask why DX9 is an issue? We wanted to make sure the game was accessible to as many people as possible and using DX11 would not have made the game look or run any better. You might already have it installed depending on what games you play!
Screwfly Studios  [Entwickler] 28. Nov. 2012 um 19:03 Uhr 
Just in case you're worried, installing DirectX 9 won't downgrade, overwrite or interfere with DirectX 11. They operate side-by-side.

If it's still an issue, that's OK. Sorry you couldn't try out the game!
Squidcap 29. Nov. 2012 um 13:45 Uhr 
/)^3^(\ thanks i got addicted to the game
Screwfly Studios  [Entwickler] 29. Nov. 2012 um 14:21 Uhr 
Thanks for the compliment HorrorSquidCap! :)
aPPa 17. Dez. 2012 um 0:50 Uhr 
So awesome!!!
Evil-Fox 5. Mai 2013 um 20:52 Uhr 
oh man this is awsome.
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Screwfly Studios  [Entwickler] 5. Mai 2013 um 21:19 Uhr 
@Evil-Fox: The full game is available! :)

Evil-Fox 6. Mai 2013 um 19:53 Uhr 
well I bought it...thanks for the awsome game
Seems interesting
bump for dx9 issue.
Aionion 20. Juli 2013 um 16:20 Uhr 
Thanks for the demo. After trying it though, the outcomes always seem to be the same...zombies break in past the barricades and despite finding all this stuff to create barricates, the house is never secured. Played 2 games, result was the same. There doesn't seem to be much variety in it at this time.

It's possible I just played it wrong, although...I'm not sure how.
Screwfly Studios  [Entwickler] 20. Juli 2013 um 21:20 Uhr 
Hello Aionion. Yes, the demo is a quite limited compared to the full version. We hope to rectify this at some point.

However, the full version has a lot of variety - several game modes and objectives, tons of items, more dilemmas, more of everything.
Screwfly Studios  [Entwickler] 25. Juli 2013 um 5:36 Uhr 
Just wanted to let everyone know the demo has been updated today, integrating all the tweaks, fixes and a huge chunk of the content available in the full version!

The limitations of the new demo are still the same, except the game mode available is "Road Kill" rather than "Deadline" (formerly "Classic"). We've also added a sprinkling of protection items and other bits and pieces.
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