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Zafehouse: Diaries
Screwfly Studios  [sviluppatore] 28 nov 2012, ore 16:42
Talk to the developers here!
Hello everyone!

First off, thanks to everyone who's voted so far, we really, really appreciate your support.

Secondly, if you have any questions about Zafehouse: Diaries or Screwfly Studios, please feel free to ask them here. We're more than happy to answer.
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Grenyes 17 dic 2012, ore 16:42 

You already have my vote and my favourite!

I'm planning to buy this game before it became greenlit. If I buy on Desura, will I receive a steam key once released here?

Thank you in advance and continue doing games like this one!
Screwfly Studios  [sviluppatore] 17 dic 2012, ore 17:22 
Hi Grenyes - if you buy direct from us here[], then drop us a line and we'll send you a Desura key and (when we launch on Greenlight) a Steam key.

UPDATE: Desura and GamersGate can also distribute Steam keys to those who buy it on their service.
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Grenyes 18 dic 2012, ore 12:07 
Than you! I'll do it.
Rancorist 19 dic 2012, ore 18:49 
Hey there,
Love the game, absolutley adore it, I'm a fan of the zombie genre on all takes but this particular game really takes the cake. The customizable aspect really enhances it for me.

A few questions,
Do you plan to continue working on this game? Like add content patches regularley? I did notice you guys have released a few but just wondering if that were to continue :)

Also will you be adapting the relaionship feature at all? Cause I did notice after my character got into a fight and broke another character's leg they were still the best of buddies afterwards.

Thanks again!
Screwfly Studios  [sviluppatore] 20 dic 2012, ore 2:09 
Hi Rancorist! We have more plans for Zafehouse: Diaries, which will be revealed shortly.

Re your survivors' confusing altercation - it's possible, but very unlikely, that a survivor will break someone's leg and then try to maintain a friendship. If you feel your crew is particularly sadistic, drop by our forums and let us know.
Raul 21 dic 2012, ore 9:42 
I have a question, if I buy the game @ the Indiefort Liftoff Bundle, will I receive a Steam key when the game gets greenlit?
Screwfly Studios  [sviluppatore] 21 dic 2012, ore 14:22 
Hi Raul - we'll send out our (future) Steam keys to those who buy direct from us via this link[].

UPDATE: Desura and GamersGate can also distribute Steam keys to those who buy it on their service.
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kriss-c 26 dic 2012, ore 14:55 
@Screwfly Studios, so that means no? And the only way to get Steam keys if you got greenlit is from buying from you directly?
Screwfly Studios  [sviluppatore] 27 dic 2012, ore 0:46 
Hi kriss-c - yep, that's right. Steam keys will be available to anyone who buys direct (ie, via here[]).

UPDATE: Desura and GamersGate can also distribute Steam keys to those who buy it on their service.
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toonarmy36 5 gen 2013, ore 15:47 
Hey i have voted carnt wait for this game to be greenlit love the demo was wandering are you planning on adding new modes and content? hope so and would love a mode where you just have to survive for as long as possible so u have to keep going out nd scaveging for supplies and and that i just love endless game modes when zombies are involved :D
mikecrc 15 gen 2013, ore 13:44 
how many likes do you need to get out of greenlit and go to the actual store
Screwfly Studios  [sviluppatore] 15 gen 2013, ore 13:47 
Hey mikecrc1,

We're not sure about an exact number, but at this stage, it's quite a lot.
MHC 16 gen 2013, ore 2:32 
Hope you guys get greenlit. Been enjoying the game outside of Steam and would definitely like a Steam key for it since... Well... Steam. Also been appreciating the updates you've been putting out. Was mildly concerned about the lack of content at first but it's been improving. Good work!
Cen 21 gen 2013, ore 10:47 
I think this game deserves much more attention from the community.
Have you ever consider contacting youtube personalities that were interested in playing/reviewing indie games ? Because I am sure that there will be some that will be interested in playing your title, and that would be great for your greenlight progress.
Awesomnius 22 gen 2013, ore 2:40 
I just went and invested in this game. Looking forward to playing it! I've been following you guys since you posted about this in Kotaku, it's a very interesting concept and I'd love to take it for a spin when it comes out!
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