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Kingdom Rush
Ironhide Game Studio  [kehittäjä] 21. syys, 2012 11.06
Blackburn Campaign
So what would you like to see in the Blackburn Campaign?
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winterexez 21. syys, 2012 17.20 
A new special tower you can recruit in the campign and a special zombie endless mode. :D
A VERY SUSPICIOUS TRUCK 21. syys, 2012 18.55 
This would be a perfect opportunity for an endless mode... hordes of undead enemies!
andrey_piciu_2009 21. syys, 2012 23.50 
new level specific towers(like Sylvan Elves)
mico.bjorkqvist 22. syys, 2012 1.56 
What if zombie enemies would infect your soldiers and turn them into zombies (~5-10% chance of infection)?

It would also be nice to see yet another assisting unit like Yeti and the Royal knights from the main game. How about Mummy or Frankenstein's monster (that would be activated by the Tesla tower)?

Also, like people before me said it, endless mode would be nice. Perhaps every level could have option for this once it's been fully completed (campaign, heroic and iron done)?
><> Rare Sanity 22. syys, 2012 3.35 
A new tower. A gas tower. it shoots out gas in a certain radius which slowly kills (takes down there health) enemies for a certain time. when you upgrade it the gas lasts longer on enemies and a wider range. But it has a slow fire rate.

And endless mode for every level including originals if you get 3 stars for it.
Slayer 22. syys, 2012 8.59 
New heroes and Endless Plus NEW BOSSES !!!
kristof 22. syys, 2012 10.58 
The 5th type of tower with brand new features, uprades etc.
Don't Get Lost in Heaven 22. syys, 2012 11.08 
Blackburn Campaign: lots of cemeteries, ghosts that cannot be targeted by shooting towers, liches that temporarily incapacitate towers or gain control on them, so they have to shoot your infantry.

New game options: something like "The Avengers" mode where you have to defeat your kingdom using all heroes and probably few or none towers at all.

+ level randomizer where towers are put in random order
Gapi 23. syys, 2012 20.59 
Endless horde!! :D
skieve 24. syys, 2012 1.56 
fire arrows to burn foes, special tower for air, new skill's tree...

AND Freeze Tower !!!

Viimeisin muokkaaja on skieve; 24. syys, 2012 1.57
TaylorSwiftFan 24. syys, 2012 2.03 
Costumes for reinforcements, pirates, priests, whatever.
MelonMarauda 25. syys, 2012 2.08 
Basically all the ideas bellow. Specially the new tower. Maybe something like a freeze tower or a rapid fire cannon. And an increase on the air waves would also be very nice. if that happened maybe even an AA turret? Also for the campaign, lots of undead types like paladins and barbarians with lots of different stats.
Ironhide Game Studio  [kehittäjä] 26. syys, 2012 11.23 
Those are great ideas! How about a new hero for the campaign?
Lord Snow 26. syys, 2012 13.56 
a Undead Hunter ? like Van Helsing no ? or Blade !
We know you put a lot of reference across the game like Die Hard (yepekaye m****r f***er)
BMoney1337 26. syys, 2012 18.02 
Ironhide Game Studio lähetti viestin:
Those are great ideas! How about a new hero for the campaign?

YES! Or how about two new heroes, to fill up all 9 menu slots :D I like the idea of a witch/vampire/undead hunter such as van helsing or solomon kane

Ironhide Game Studio, in the forums under "Suggestions" I made a very long post of all my ideas for this new campaign :p
Viimeisin muokkaaja on BMoney1337; 26. syys, 2012 22.05
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