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Kingdom Rush
hitman02in 6. maalis, 2013 9.03
So what will release on steam ?
i was confused about what version of kingdom rush would release on steam via this greenlight.
will it be Kingdom rush 1 HD or will it be Kingdom rush : Frontiers HD ? can someone please confirm this ? because frontiers seems to be the game everyone is excited about.fans have already finished KR 1 several times over.
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Anonemesis 8. maalis, 2013 21.20 
Both Eventually I'd Assume This Is For 1 Tho.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Anonemesis; 8. maalis, 2013 21.21
kikhan 14. maalis, 2013 18.20 
Pretty sure all of the above with more content.
gringobraga 27. maalis, 2013 12.16 
I am making a rough guess. The game released would be Kingdom Rush: Curse of Castle Blackburn, and not Kingdom Rush (Original) or Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. But I guess Kingdon Rush: Curse of Castle Blackburn will also have ALL of the content from the original.

However, I saw somewhere that Ironhide said that this steam Kingdom Rush will have deserts, and that raises the idea that maybe they will also publish together Frontiers.

All of them probably plus Curse of Castle Blackburn and HD definiton
Viimeisin muokkaaja on gringobraga; 27. maalis, 2013 12.19
Jerry 27. maalis, 2013 16.22 
I'm certain it will be

Kingdom Rush + Castle Blackburn
LayedOutDead 23. heinä, 2013 9.21 
Hopefully all the content .... game is great!
‏conorbebe 31. heinä, 2013 3.54 
It is just Kingdom Rush with more content. It is not the sequel Kingdom Rush Frontiers. It never stated anywhere that that would be in this game.
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