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Kingdom Rush
Aeolus Winds 26 lutego 2013 o 13:43
The Free/Price thing
I am writing this little discussion to say that this game is already free on some game sites. I know that this is almost a 'rebuild', but on the website's, the game is free, but there is premium content available for purchase. Will the game be free to play on steam, with the possibility of purchasing the bonus content? Or will you have to purchase the game, but get the premium content for free? Just a question.

Edit: Just to clarify, because some people seem to be getting the wrong idea, I AM HAPPY WITH PAYING.
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DeltaActual 26 lutego 2013 o 13:47 
i think it will be $15.00 with no IAP's...
G-Ken.Mercy 26 lutego 2013 o 18:37 
I'd like the game to be Free to Play and Payable Premium Content... I feel like you'll get more people playing if it's already Free to Play but with additional Payable content it's how I got hooked with most games I play nowadays...
hitman02in 27 lutego 2013 o 7:30 
i'd like a one time payment.anything upto 20$ is fine with me.prefer that to buy small stuff for 5$ every 2-3 months
Anonemesis 27 lutego 2013 o 16:56 
This game deserves more then free, this is a quality game which can't be said about most of the greenlight games give the dev what they deserve this game is addictive and entertaining and theres no reason the dev's should be short changed if you want to play it free go play the sd version on armor games...otherwise buy the game with HD quality + extra content and quit trying to get a handout there was actual work put into this game if you want a freebie game go ask the lazy devs who made Surgeon Simulator that is the type of game that should be free to play, as those are the stupid games that have prevented quality games like kingdom rush from being greenlit.
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Lafore 27 lutego 2013 o 20:33 
I bought this game's premium content on their website (one time fee) and I bought the app for my phone, but I refuse to get IAPs for the phone app. I refuse to be nickel and dimed to win.
Aeolus Winds 28 lutego 2013 o 0:06 
To be honest, I'm not asking it to be F2P. What I'm asking is about the bonus content. There is bonus content to purchase on the websites, and thats fair enough. But the question I'm asking is do we have to buy the game on Steam, but get the Extra Content for free? Or is it free to play on Steam, but with the ability to purchase the Extra Content if we wanted to? To be honest, I would prefer the first, but thats my personal opinion.
DeltaActual 28 lutego 2013 o 1:39 
@Aeolus WInds - i'm asking you to go out and make a few hundred bucks, so by the time KR comes out - you can pay for it. #@ck IAPs! Extra content is a Flash version thing. It never made it to IPad and i doubt it will show up on Steam. We all know what the game is all about and we all know it deserves every penny that Dev's may ask for it.
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Anonemesis 28 lutego 2013 o 5:05 
Well since it says heroes are included with the game in the description I'm going to assume the extra premium content is included as well, it wouldn't make sense to sell it separably or they'd might as well sell the new Blackburn campaign as DLC as well, steams a huge market I'm sure their going to pull out all the stops to make KR have a successful launch, especially if they want people to buy KR 2 coming out this spring...so both games aren't far off from release
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Aeolus Winds 28 lutego 2013 o 9:27 
@Delta Actual
My concern about this isn't the money. I have enough money for myself right now, but the thing I'm wondering about is the Extra Content going to come (Technically free) with the game? Right, lemme just set this out. ON FLASH VERSION, IS FREE BUT CAN PAY FOR NEW STUFF! That's happening. The question I'm asking is if this statement will be true: ON STEAM, IS FREE BUT CAN PAY FOR NEW STUFF! Got it? What I'm asking is wether you can play it for free on steam, but buy the extra content with it! I'll be honest, I'm fine with paying money for the game, hell, I'm happy with it. I just want to know wether the new stuff is INCLUDED with the steam.

Thank you for getting what I was saying. Thing is, in the 'regular' game, there are 3 heroes you can use for free, and 4 more you can pay for. I was literally asking, do we pay for the entire game, and get those 4 heroes free(Technically)? Or do we have to pay extra for the other 4.
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Anonemesis 3 marca 2013 o 1:17 
Ah. Hopefully it just comes with it in the purchase price :D only time will tell
Neato Burrito 4 marca 2013 o 15:49 
Most likely 10 USA dollars.
N1tr0 19 marca 2013 o 12:49 
I'm ready to pay 20 USD. p.s. And i have an iPad version with all heroes, but i'm ready to pay more for this great game.
I'll be happy if it will cost 10 €
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I personally absolutely hate in-app purchases. It'd be fine if it were a one-time fee of, say, $10?
Kilian 2 kwietnia 2013 o 1:15 
I'd be happy with 10-15€ but no extra purchases. It's just annoying when you have to spend small amounts of money for every hero and map and tower upgrade...
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