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Kingdom Rush
yingjiediedytd 2012. dec. 8. @ de. 6:45
you can play for free
it is on kongregate and its is free
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Danijongo 2012. dec. 8. @ du. 2:13 
and on Armor Games website, and in their own website, so what?
Jerry 2012. dec. 10. @ du. 1:38 
....some people....

The threadstarter obviously didn't read the description which states that they will add features that do NOT exist in the flashversions.
Lord Raedon 2012. dec. 14. @ de. 5:27 
Yeah it was on Google chrome too which was different from the main game obviously they aren't that stupid.
Outlaw RW 2012. dec. 15. @ de. 2:38 
yingjiediedytd eredeti hozzászólása:
it is on kongregate and its is free

Iron Hide is rebuilding the game from scrath for Steam. They are also adding an entirely new campaign in addition to the one the game already consists of. They are adding a new hero or heroes. There will be available DLC.
^7ja^1co 2012. dec. 24. @ de. 9:25 
I think the OP meant you can play the flash version while you wait for this one :P
Nikz 2013. jan. 9. @ de. 7:49 
If you enjoy the game on those sites, give the devs some love. Vote for it here and pay (i think its like a wopping 2-3 bucks) for some of the extras.
Sensei Aizen 2013. jan. 15. @ du. 9:19 
enhanced edition with more love to detail. It give you value for money.
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