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Kingdom Rush
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Renovatio2 17 април 2013 в 7:37 следобед
Are we there yet?
Soooo.... early of '13 i ve seen....Mid of April = early of '13 . still no KR anywhere . so since i last recall you were 6th ? in what place are you atm and shall we wait at the end of this month to go live in Steam ?
going to sleep to get some rest from w8ing
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Anonemesis 18 април 2013 в 1:46 сутринта 
KR already got greenlit, and its still april
DarkgarX 23 април 2013 в 11:57 сутринта 
I need my kingdom...my kingdom RUSH!!!

che-marko 5 май 2013 в 11:41 сутринта 
Is anyone going to tell us when game is going to be published ?

It is not OK, to keep us in a dark !
Renovatio2 5 май 2013 в 11:51 сутринта 
April has passed for 5 days now , i m thinking summer is comming
+-VonDz-+ 9 май 2013 в 3:15 следобед 
I can't wait for this! I wish we had an eta but hey do it right and take your time.
jtracy 10 май 2013 в 5:41 следобед 
We voted for this game and helped get it greenlit. So I'm surprised that the developers are suddenly ignoring us. It would really be nice to have some sort of update. It's the first time I've been disappointed in them.
Anonemesis 10 май 2013 в 10:07 следобед 
Yeah me too would be great to get a update since it says early 2013..especially after 2 months
Последно редактиран от Anonemesis; 10 май 2013 в 10:07 следобед
Renovatio2 11 май 2013 в 1:38 сутринта 
well i stopped being dissapointed about 1 month ago .... moved on , and forgot that this post even exist
Waeno 11 май 2013 в 4:43 следобед 
developer neglect, ftl
aFatman2theFace 12 май 2013 в 3:51 сутринта 
Haven't bought a single game since this was announced to be released. Ironhide, we'd appreciate a reevaluated release date. An update on the KR wall would be great, really looking forward to this game still though, and plan to get it as soon as it comes out.
DeltaActual 12 май 2013 в 4:08 сутринта 
Yeah Ironhide, show some respect to your fans.
Highsinger 13 май 2013 в 4:45 сутринта 
I start thinking that this project grew over their heads....
DeltaActual 13 май 2013 в 10:07 сутринта 
Първоначално публикувано от docvolte:
I start thinking that this project grew over their heads....
looks like it. they bit more than they can chew.
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Jerry 13 май 2013 в 8:24 следобед 
It seems (guessing) that they intend to finish KR:Frontiers first.
They could have told us that....

Anyway, I sent an e-mail to them yesterday asking some things. Check the comments for my post.
Последно редактиран от Jerry; 14 май 2013 в 7:54 сутринта
Renovatio2 13 май 2013 в 9:33 следобед 
still they had to make an announcement....
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