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Kingdom Rush
night5ky 5. Apr. 2013 um 6:47 Uhr
Realease Date
I played the browser version of your game and like it a lot. Now I want the extended Steam version, is there any release date yet? I'm more than happy to participate in the beta too (:
Prepurchase with beta participation would be a nice touch too if it's a possibility.
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Jerry 5. Apr. 2013 um 7:15 Uhr 
I'd like a releasedate too. Give us a good guess :)
Mickelinie 5. Apr. 2013 um 9:55 Uhr 
I'd like to know it too, and will it be free?
Jerry 7. Apr. 2013 um 11:04 Uhr 

Most likely not.
Anonemesis 8. Apr. 2013 um 0:28 Uhr 
Yeah Says Early 2013...so Has to be in april

Jan-April = Early
May-August = Mid
September-December = Late
vampirial 8. Apr. 2013 um 11:45 Uhr 
some people consider the early part of the year to include may and june and the late part to include july and augest.
ok so april or may?
rowbradley 13. Apr. 2013 um 11:34 Uhr 
Check Steam every day for the release of this. I hope it's soon!
potatofish120 13. Apr. 2013 um 13:05 Uhr 
@ Wikitiki I do too!
FreaK 20. Apr. 2013 um 12:50 Uhr 
Wikitiki and potatofish120: I thought i was the only one doing it lol
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