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Kingdom Rush
jetammac 4. des, 2013 @ 6:36pm
Beta Feedback
Kingdom Rush Beta Feedback

Mac OS X 10.9, (1920*1200)

Background turns black when the achievement popup came up

„circle of reach“ keeps showing sometimes
happened before 1.01b in „The Dark Tower“ Map. No such behavior in recent tests.

sometimes i can´t get back into the game if i tabbed out of fullscreen mode. i click on the game symbol then the dock&menubar disappears and music is playing but the game doesn’t show up. I have to ⌘+q then.
Sometimes a double-click on the programm works.

suggestion: add ⌘+h for hiding the game in fullscreen mode like it works in windowed mode

Loading Bar is way faster than actual loading time

You can hear the mouseover sound from the map when you are moving the mouse in credits screen after the final map.

Why there is an Input preference pane in the Mac Version without any function?
(You cant zoom or fire in this game)

The process
(seems a part of steam) shows crashed in activity monitor when i start the game.

The Speech Bubbles for the upgrades explanations are not consistent.
If you bind it to the mouse pointer it should be on the same position in every column, actually it isn´t. Or you bind it to the outside of the circle, i would prefer that.

No sound effects on Menu Buttons and no Escape Key function in main menu like stated in other threads

Sometimes the game is like changing the resolution and showing bugged bars on the sides when i switch around fullscreen and windowed. I couldn’t reproduce this though. fullscreen windowed

The Quit Button on Start menu is shown dependent on selected game resolution (r=right, l=left). All on 1920*1200 monitor tho.


640*480 r
800*500 l
800*600 r
960*600 l
1024*640 l
1024*768 r
1280*800 l
1280*960 r
1344*840 l
1344*1008 r
1600*1000 l
1600*1200 r
1920*1080 l
1920*1200 l

My friendlist can’t see which game i play and the Achievement List is not showing in Steam. Just in case it isn’t already on your scope to implement after the beta.

On Coldstep Mines Reinforcements can be placed very deep in the lower two tunnels. Maybe its not intended.
Sist redigert av jetammac; 4. des, 2013 @ 6:52pm
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bolin  [utvikler] 5. des, 2013 @ 4:44am 
Does it stay this way or does it go back to normal? Did it happen each time you got an achievement?
Could you email me your Player.log to ? It should be in~/Library/Logs/Unity/

Yeah, the game might not accordingly if you alt+tab out of it. I'll look into it but I don't know if we can do much since this is all handled by Unity.

Can't remove the panel, but removed all the options now.

Send me your Player.log :)

Are you switching resolutions manually?
Again, same I said for #3.

This is intended.

This is because the game isn't public yet and they don't have access to it. Achievements aren't shown for non released games.

Intended :)

jetammac 6. des, 2013 @ 3:39pm 
Update: I can't free the Sasquatch!
jetammac 14. des, 2013 @ 2:27am 
If i select and esc the stages fast enough sometimes they didn’t show up right ( or the screen just turns grey. (stated in my mail)
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