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Kingdom Rush
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bolin  [developer] Dec 13, 2013 @ 11:58am
Patch 1.05b is out
New patch with a few fixes.

Please update the game and if you can, play Rotten Forest. If you get the bug with Greenmuck where his blobs go off screen instead of hitting your soldiers please e-mail me your Player.log (if you are on mac) or output_log.txt (if you are on pc). My e-mail is

Thank you very much!


1.05b - 13/12/2013


-Tunnels on stage 13.
-Typo on stage 15's campaign text.
-Elementals dissapearing after being eaten.
-Typo in Veznan's taunts.
-Magma Elemental's encyclopedia title.
-Magma Elemental's spawning on stage 11 not being active.
-Can click on frozen towers by JT which are behind him.
-Music stops playing in the loading screen after the end game.
-Orc Armored spawned after Orc Rider's death were inactive.
-Boss music for The Kingpin, Sarelgaz, Gulthak and Ulguk-Hai.
-Troll Skaters and Troll Brute had no death sound.
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Blobs still going off the screen. output_log.txt emailed.

Also, on Sarelgaz's Lair, it still becomes glitchy right when the wave 18 icon pops up. Enemies stopped animating and starting sliding across the screen. Splash damage stayed on the screen. Flags and rally points stay on the screen. Heroes slide across the screen.

The stage cannot be completed when this happens, because dead enemies still appear on the stage, fooling the game into thinking they're still alive.
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