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Kingdom Rush
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bolin  [developer] Dec 11, 2013 @ 12:07pm
Patch 1.04b is out
New patch is out with a bunch of fixes.

1.04b - 11/12/2013


-New wave button on gui bottom is disabled when game is paused.
-Pillager's had the wrong death sound.
-The Sasquatch can be freed.
-Elora didn't improve her ranged damage when levelling up.
-Coolrunning achievement was checking for another achievement.
-Denas' buff.
-Pillager's area attack.
-Barracks stats displayed on gui bottom when using upgrades.
-Typos on defeat screen.
-Creeps which are affected by the Troll Chieftain's rage ability.
-Forest Troll's regeneration.
-Heroes range position when they spawn.
-Magnus' taunts.
-Hero room's unlock signs.
-Typo on Sasquatch's cave tooltip.
-Typo on loading screen tips.
-Hushwood's heroic challenge unlocked towers.
-Sheeps were having their speed set to 0 inside tunnels.
-Music won't play for an instant when loading the stage, map or main menu if music is muted.
-Demon's infernal combustion damage was too high.
-GUI Bottom wouldn't show Rock Elemental's info.
-Sound settings are saved for each slot.
-Demons weren't showing the teleport animation in Rotten Forest.
-JT boss fight music.
-Hero walk animation after unpausing the game.
-Fixed some issues with the loading screen.
-Arcane and Sorcerer quickmenu buttons having the wrong disabled sprite.
-Several heroes' death sound.
-Adjusted Sorcerer's shooter posistion.
-Rock Elementals and Lava Elementals had no sound when they died.
-Glitch with Veznan's block tower sprite.
-GUI now hides for the end game.
-Disabled stage elements for the end game.
-Barbarian tower was missing its portrait.
-Troll Boss notification wasn't being saved.
-Can no longer placer a hero inside Glacial Height's tunnel.
-Visual glitch after unblocking a tower frozen by JT.
-Hero sounds had a pop at the end.
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A bunch of fixes here. Good stuff Bolin!
bolin  [developer] Dec 12, 2013 @ 8:18am 
Uploaded a small fix. Stage9 had the wrong waves, sorry.
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