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Pinball Arcade
Dabeavis 29 sep 2012 om 6:27nm
What tables do you wish were on TPA?
What the pinball machines that you wish are in The Pinball Arcade? (Irregardless whether they would make it or not). It can be any real existing physical table made by a pinball manufacturer (Alvin G, Capcom, Stern / Data East / Sega, Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, etc.)

Here are some of the pins I wish would be digitzed, irregardless whether they are easy to do or not.

Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour (1994 Alvin G.)
Apollo 13 (1996 Sega)
Banzai Run (1988 Williams)
Big Bang Bar (1995 Capcom)
Caveman (1982 Gottlieb)
Dirty Harry (1995 Williams)
Freddy - A Nightmare on Elm Street (1994 Gottlieb)
Guns N' Roses (1994 Data East)
Night Moves (1989 Premier)
Orbitor 1 (1982 Stern)
Revenge From Mars (1999 Bally)
Safe Cracker (1998 Bally)
The Simpsons Pinball Party (2003 Stern)

These are the games that are currently in TPA...

Tales of the Arabian Nights (1996 Williams)
Theater of Magic (1995 Bally)
Black Hole (1981 Gottlieb)
Ripley's Beleive it or Not! (2004 Stern)

Medieval Madness & The Machine - Bride of Pin*Bot
Funhouse & Cirquis Voltaire
Monster Bash & Gorgar
Creature From the Black Lagoon & Black Knight
Taxi & Harley Davidson 3rd Edition (Sega / Stern)
Elvira and the Party Monsters & No Good Gofers
Scared Stiff & Big Shot
Twilight Zone (Premium)
Star Trek - The Next Generation (Premium)
Attack From Mars & Genie

Dr. Dude & Firepower
Cactus Canyon & Central Park
Whitewater & Space Shuttle
Pin*Bot & Centaur
Champion Pub & Whirlwind
Flight 2000 & Goin' Nuts
Terminator 2 - Judgement Day
Haunted House and Tee'd Off
Victory and Class of 1812 (upcoming)

Eight Ball Deluxe
El Dorado - City of Gold

The Addams Family is currently being considered as the next KS as they are currently securing licensing costs from all the license holders since Paramount hasn't done it for them unlike CBS with TZ and TNG.
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Dabeavis 30 sep 2012 om 9:06vm 
I think T2 should definately go on there for being a milestone in pinball. First official movie-based pin, first with a gun plunger, and the first one to use a dot matrix display.
Laatst bewerkt door Dabeavis; 30 sep 2012 om 9:52vm
mikefisk 30 sep 2012 om 1:08nm 
Terminator 2, Big Bang Bar, Hercules, The Getaway 2, Attack From Mars, and World Cup '94 are at the top of my wish list.
Cyberbrickmaster86 30 sep 2012 om 4:42nm 
I haven't played that many pinball games, but I would love it if they could release Black Rose from Bally as well as Teed Off from Gottlieb. A lot of other tables I want have already been confirmed by Farsight Studios.
Ocean Prince 30 sep 2012 om 9:14nm 
Whirlwind and South Park Pinball. Whirlwind is one of my personal favorites. Those spinners.
Dabeavis 1 okt 2012 om 3:59vm 
Teed Off and Whirlwind may not have a clear date of release, but I'm very sure those will be in TPA since they were in the previous collections.
psychoblondie67 1 okt 2012 om 5:04vm 
addams familiy and the simpsons pinball party , oh and indiana jones. this are my beloved pinball machines.
melonfresh 1 okt 2012 om 10:33vm 
World Cup '94 is at the very top of my wish list
Paddy Livenkle 1 okt 2012 om 11:07vm 
Disco Fever - Williams

The Empire Strikes Back - Hankin

and Monopoly - Stern
★R'R★ Floyd 1 okt 2012 om 11:37vm 
Junk Yard - Williams
Arabian Nights - Williams
Addams Family - Williams
Dabeavis 1 okt 2012 om 12:59nm 
Unless you are speaking of a different table, Tales of the Arabian Nights is in the base game.
Digital Mass 1 okt 2012 om 9:16nm 
We already had kickstarters for two of the tables I really wanted. I'd like to see two more, but I'm sort of in the minority with these last two. Which are - Tales from the Crypt and Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street. Which rank 46 & 119 on IPDB respectively.

It's unfortunate that we'll probably never see these two tables. As they would require quite a few expensive licenses without the fanbase to warrant a kickstarter.
Laatst bewerkt door Digital Mass; 1 okt 2012 om 9:23nm
The Space Ferret 2 okt 2012 om 10:00vm 
Fish Tales definitely. Also Radical and Williams' Indy table. Whirlwind as well but it's already a given that it will appear at some point.
Laatst bewerkt door The Space Ferret; 2 okt 2012 om 10:01vm
Towel Killer 3 okt 2012 om 4:37vm 
The Stern licence covers Data East and Sega tables. Likewise, Williams held the licence for Capcom tables (and Farsight has the Williams licence). They’ve already confirmed that many music based tables are not going to be possible due to the licensing costs. Your only hope for those is, I suppose, Kickstarter projects.
Billick 3 okt 2012 om 5:28vm 
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