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Pinball Arcade
Severd_Nerv 2012. szept. 25. @ du. 6:15
Why Is this game not Avalible on steam YET??
What the hell this game is awwsum for xbox ps3 and vita come on this needs to be on steam!!!!
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kaak 2012. szept. 26. @ de. 3:36 
agree, but well how to say it on a nice way.... This geen light is really bad in general.
psychoblondie67 2012. szept. 26. @ de. 6:27 
i really hope they read all the comments and release this pinball game on steam, the best virtual pinball game on earth.
★R'R★ Floyd 2012. szept. 26. @ du. 12:59 
This is the Editor's Choice on Android and iOS devices... releasing this is a no-brainer really. Don't know what Valve is waiting for... It's a shame that this game has to go through steam's greenlight. It should be released ASAP.
mikefisk 2012. szept. 26. @ du. 2:23 
The whole level of ambiguity and lack of transparency regarding Greenlight's system seems more than a bit weird. I know why Valve tried to set up this process, but it's raising more questions than it's solving.
crono3 2012. szept. 26. @ du. 6:32 
I feel that if Valve actually makes it onto the greenlight page for Pinball Arcade and reads through a good selection of the comments, it has to be greenlit. What other excuse can they possibly have for not allowing this game to be sold on their platform?? As many have stated, it's sold on just about every other one... why can't we play this on PC!?
Spectre 2012. szept. 26. @ du. 7:53 
Yes please - will buy day 1
Que Delícia Cara ! 2012. szept. 27. @ de. 9:28 
I Buy
LeRoy3rd 2012. szept. 27. @ de. 10:14 
Personally, Valve is ♥♥♥♥ing me off. This is a verteran developer with a FINISHED product that's won praise from reviewers... I own all tables on my Android phone, PS3, and Vita... I will also buy on PC when it is available, but at this point I'd rather see it on GOG.com than Steam. Seriously, why make Farsight jump through these hoops when they've already proven themselves? FARSIGHT: Go to GOG, I will buy INSTANTLY.
Gozer 2012. szept. 27. @ du. 12:06 
Valve stated that this pinball game is too niche to be released on steam and yet Dream Pinball 3D gets released. What sort of logic is Valve using?
oHOWEo 2012. szept. 27. @ du. 5:17 
Think we need to "gift" Mr Newell a copy!
Pixieydust 2012. szept. 27. @ du. 7:17 
Valve said it was too niche!! Yeah...I don't buy that either!!
STaR~NiX 2012. szept. 28. @ de. 10:02 
This game really deserves to be on steam. It is by far a better piece of software than most of the other indie games that floods the Steam platform these days.
Johnny D 2012. szept. 28. @ de. 10:09 
Where did you guys see this "too niche" justification? Steam has a lot of niche games and the whole Dream Pinball thing makes me think it was just a case of Valve turning the game down because they never worked with Farsight before.
LeRoy3rd 2012. szept. 28. @ du. 1:32 
Talked to the people at Farsight, they can't go through GOG.com because they need DRM as part of their license agreements. :-(
Laddi 2012. szept. 29. @ de. 11:14 
The best pinball Game not on steam. This can't be true.
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